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Kiss, Silent Treatment, Marry….Boston Style!

Oh, I didn’t see you there.  Welcome to ONEin3’s edition of Tell Me Tuesday.  What is the question this week, you ask? Well, it is really simple…if you could kiss, give the silent treatment to or marry three local celebrities, which would they be?  Me?

Kiss: Matt Damon

Silent Treatment: Hazel Mae

Marry: Dustin Pedroia

Have at it ONEin3ers, have at it.


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Tell Me Tuesday, Third Rail Edition – What To Do About Boston and Race?

Boston has a long-standing bad reputation for racism and segregation. So bad that the city struggles to keep young professionals of color, despite the fact that there are jobs and amazing institutions of higher education here.

Ask any non-white person from Atlanta, New York or Chicago what they think of Boston and they’ll cite racism and a lack of opportunity for people of color as a primary characteristic. It remains open to debate whether those perceptions reflect some truth, the whole truth or no truth, but perception is reality.

In the recent past, many organizations have sprung up to support young people of color in their personal and professional lives, including The PartnershipCommonwealth Compact, Friendly Takeover, Emerge MA and many others (if you know of other organizations, please post them in the comments!).

Here at ONEin3 HQ and City Hall, we believe that Boston’s future success rests on ensuring that there are professional, cultural and social opportunities for all.

We believe that that effort begins with an honest conversation, like the great one we began at DotRox Neighborhood Night last week.

So, in honor of Tell Me Tuesday, we ask you:

How can we, as a new generation of young Bostonians, make Boston a more inclusive place that people of color from all over the world want to call home?

We probably don’t need to say this, but to our wonderful ONEin3ers, please be thoughtful in your comments. Let’s make this a constructive conversation!


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Favorite Movie That Takes Place in Boston?? Ooooo it’s Tell Me Tuesday!!

Oh my fabulous ONEin3ers…it is Tuesday and you are right, we missed Mo’ Money Monday yesterday.  As much as I am sure you feel deprived by not hearing a little story about how incompetent I am with money, you can always head over to and check out what is new.

But alas, it is Tuesday and like every Tuesday we give you a question for you to answer and share your fabulous ONEin3 insight.  Currently, I am in California watching a Tom Selleck movie with my parents.  This is amazing to me, because I was like 90% sure Tom Selleck was no longer alive.  The movie takes place in Worchester and moves to Boston (according to my dad, we have just watched the beginning and I am still confused why Tom Selleck is in a current movie, even if it is made for TV).

Okay, again with the ginger rambling…why am I telling you this?  Well it got me thinking, there are a ton of great movies about Boston, why not ask our fabulous ONEin3ers, “what is your favorite movie that takes place in our fabulous city.”

I guess mine is pretty unoriginal, but I absolutely love Matt Damon and I have to say my favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting.”

Okay lovelies I must go and watch this movie…I highly doubt it, but maybe my answer will change by the end of it!

Oh, and as always, check in tomorrow for yet another wonderful Volunteer Vendesday!!!


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Hind-Sight is 20/20…what you wish you knew before taking your first job…

Hello my ONEin3ers.  Oh it is Tuesday and like most Tuesdays we will be asking you a question.  Unlike most Tuesdays however, Devin and I are not going to have our brainstorming sessions to come up with a fabulous question, but rather steal it.

My good friend Carlie, who reads the blog, despite living in Connecticut (gasp….I know, we try to not hold it against her) posted a fabulous question on her Facebook wall last week.  Carlie graduated from Colby College in 2009, and has recently started a job as, what I like to describe as, a drug dealer.  No, you would not find Carlie on a street corner, but rather, in doctors’ offices pitching prescription pharmaceuticals.

Why am I telling you this?  Well Carlie’s fabulous question was…

“what is one thing you wish you knew before you took your first job”

Carlie didn’t answer her own queston, but maybe she was thinking…she wish she knew how to sell drugs better?

As my faithful readers might know, my first job was in Commercial Real Estate.  I suppose what I would have liked to have known before I took the position, well I guess is, that I probably shouldn’t take the job because it would be completely miserable.

So let us know what you wish you knew ONEin3ers and hopefully your answer is better than mine!!

Also, check back in for tomorrows Hump Day Job Day/ Volunteer Vednesday!!!!


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Tell Me Tuesday, Biking Boston Edition

Tell Me Tuesday is going to be short and sweet because the glorious, raven-haired (correction: she’s clearly not raven-haired. More like carrot-topped!) pain in the neck Kendall is out of the office studying for finals today.

Kendall’s fabulous ONEin3ers, what is better on a beautiful day than riding around on a bike? We say nothing, unless you’re avoiding oncoming traffic and generally risking your life.

Mayor Menino and the City of Boston have put lots of time, money and resources into improving Boston as a bike city(see Hub on Wheels for more information). It’s a clear priority in our never-ending quest to improve quality of life.

BUT, we’re not perfect yet.

Today’s Tell Me Tuesday is for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers alike: How can Boston become a place where bike riding is safe, fun and easy without making Boston less safe, fun and easy for all the non-bikers out there?


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