Words from a “Transplant” and “Mo’ Money Mondays”

Hello Boston and faithful ONEin3 Boston blog readers, my name is Kendall and I am the new intern for ONEin3 Boston.  I am so excited to be working for a city I have grown to love in my three-year residency, and of course, to be working with local Boston celebrity Devin Cole.

As one of my many duties as an apprentice, I am going to attempt to spice the blog up a bit and hear more from the ONEin3 community.  I will be writing as a graduate student and North End resident about all areas including food, shopping, and things I have experienced as a “transplant” of the city (Devin’s words not mine).  Although I do not feel like a heart or a lung inserted into a new and needing body, I feel there are many things a person that did not grow up in Boston or “Bost…I mean Newton” can observe and report.

As an English major looking to get her masters in marketing, one thing I cannot share a lot about is money.  In the words of Carrie from Sex in the City, “I like my money where I can see it, in my closet,” so any advice in that area from me, most likely would be bad advice.  Therefore, for our new founded “Mo Money Mondays” I will kindly point you towards ONEin3’s Money blog.  Last week Matt Brownell, my very smart and funny colleague (and champion nacho eater) wrote about what he got for Chanukah.  Hint… it is not underwear or socks so if that is what you were thinking you better take a look !

Next Monday we will give you yet another fabulous money roll so check back.  Lastly, get ready for tomorrow’s “Tell me Tuesday” and warm up your typing fingers because we want to hear from YOU!


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2 responses to “Words from a “Transplant” and “Mo’ Money Mondays”

  1. Sam

    Great first post! Can’t wait to
    @KendallKirbs is as amazing as I’ve been reading on Twitter!!!

  2. devincole

    Welcome to the club Kendall!

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