Tell Me Tuesdays: What is your non-resolution?

So it’s Tuesday.  Tuesday I would say is the most boring day of the week.  If you are like me, you consistently feel like Tuesday is a different day of the week, like Wednesday, or even worse Thursday.  However, ONEin3 Boston is looking to change the dreariness and confusion that comes with this overlooked day.

We are starting “Tell Me Tuesdays,” which will get your brains going and fingers typing.  This week’s topic: What is your non-resolution? Unlike the typical question asked during this time of the year, we are looking for you to be a little naughty and consider what are you absolutely not willing to give up this year.

Mine is a little lame but absolutely true and is pizza.  As a North End resident, it is near impossible to not eat pizza at least once a week.  I have the famous Pizzeria Regina around the corner, free pizza on Mondays at the Pushcart with a drink order a few doors down, and a quick but delicious slice of Ernesto’s pizza at the end of the street.  Lastly, if you are in a pizza mood after bars close you can rely on Café Pompei to have the slices ready and the rice balls warm until 4:00 AM.  Also, I can be guaranteed to see at least four people I went to college with there, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

The person with the best answer gets a sweet tour of Boston Redevelopment Authority’s “Model Room” (see the unbelievable pictures attached).  Although at first glance this might seem as lame as my pizza answer, I guarantee you it is pretty awesome.  So let us know what your non-resolution is—this isn’t 12th grade English class so one-word answers and incomplete sentences are allowed and encouraged. We just want to have some dialogue here, because let’s be honest, Devin and I are just not that interesting.


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23 responses to “Tell Me Tuesdays: What is your non-resolution?

  1. devincole

    My New Year’s non-resolution:

    I won’t give up reality television, ESPECIALLY Jersey Shore, the greatest show in American history.

  2. Troy

    I won’t give up reading ONEin3 as long as Kendall is writing.

  3. Cassie

    What a fun question! This year, I absolutely will not give up playing my Xbox, despite the continued ridicule from family and friends. Apparently it’s not socially acceptable for a young, professional, female to be interested in video games – and perhaps in the past, that stigma has gotten to me a bit. Not this year 🙂

  4. Lauren

    I refuse to give up eating at my favorite fast food place. I recently realized all the trash receipts at the bottom of my purse were from there, and I should’ve been embarassed by that, but I was really just proud. I might cut back on eating there & “exercise more” (we’ll see), but I will continue to get my fried chicken goodness.

  5. I would sooner obtain an extra trunk for the overflow in my crowded closet than quit buying funny vintage dresses. Being in a band means there is always an excuse for one. This does not jibe with my 2010 actual resolution to simplify/declutter my living space.

  6. niju

    I wont give up John Mayer and donuts ….and maybe admiring Kendall’s blog writing skills.. i
    think she should get a book deal .. lets call Penguin or watever is big right now ( i dont noe everything!!!)

  7. Heather

    I’m not giving up those gummy jelly-filled penguin candies from Trader Joe’s. They’re gross and weird, but I love them.

  8. David (Slick)

    I will certainly not be giving up the 99 or its award-winning seafood chowder. It doesn’t bother me that even the waitresses/bartenders are surprised when I order a cup of it along with a bud light bigger than your head. It’s just that good…

  9. Lila

    This year I will NOT be giving up my love for candy–that’s for sure! I also plan to not give up my friends, and I am not changing my plans to come visit as often as possible 🙂

  10. emily

    there are so many things i’m not giving up this years its hard to narrow it to one, but i would have to say that i will definitly not give up reading craigslist casual encounters. nothing jumpstarts your day like reading an ad titled “man seeking chubby smoker for fantasy fun tomorrow”…..nothing. so i will not give it up this year, and probably not next year either

  11. Carlie

    I will not give up Annie’s cheddar mac &cheese! Which means, I suppose, that I will not be giving up my Lactaid pills.

  12. Jeff

    I refuse to stop cleaning the dishes and taking out the trash.

  13. Pete

    In twenty-o-ten, I refuse to NOT pretend I’m Godzilla in an epic, and rare states-side, brawl against my nemesis Mothra, the very next time I gain access to a “model room” of any U.S. city. …er, I mean I aim to NOT do that… maybe… do i win?

  14. krisela

    I will NOT give up buying for shoes! Even though, i have officially run out of space!!! I’ll just have to start storing them under my desk at work… yay shoes!

  15. I certainly will not be giving up awesomely bad pop music any time soon. Definitely not a Nashville party.

  16. Dana K


  17. Mike

    I am not giving up video games.

  18. Jenna

    I will not give up “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Those chicks are funny. Admit it, you watch it too.

  19. Lee K

    I will not give up my overly priced $5.01 Triple Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks every morning despite any economic recession, because, let’s just face it, sometimes you have to be a diva.

  20. Marissa L

    I will not give up my belief that the achievement gap can be closed in this decade.

  21. Dan K

    I will not give up coffee. Especially because you can get the good stuff on the cheap from WF if you bring your own mug. I am too cheerfully addicted.

  22. Jenn

    I will not give up trying to learn the dance to Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance video. I don’ t know when, where or how, but one day, it will be useful.

  23. Anya

    I definitely won’t be giving up the FAIL Blog ( in 2010. Sometimes they are pretty painful to watch/read/see, but I can’t help but laugh!

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