HumpDay JobDay: Lauren’s Debut

This is the first in a series of blogs that I will be writing for ONEin3Boston to share insights on career paths, internships, full time jobs, and trends relevant to these areas. In short, I’ll be one of your guides to Humpday Jobday!

All of us ONEin3ers are fortunate to be living in Boston because there is so much entrepreneurial activity in a variety of sectors including technology, life sciences and clean tech.  We’re really in a hotbed of innovation and startups. Right now, we have countless opportunities to meet new people and to learn about the emerging companies that form every day.

For startups and established companies in technology, life sciences and clean tech, many different skill sets are needed all the way from pure technical skills to sales and marketing, finance and administration, graphic design and web design – and this is just a sampling. These companies place a premium on hiring young people who can solve problems, are eager to learn and multi-task, and who can work in a dynamic team environment.

If you are a ONEin3er looking for career opportunities, I recommend exploring careers in these sectors. To start this exploration, attend the networking events in the Boston are to see what matches your skills and interests.

There are networking events all the time, so you’ll need to narrow down your scope.

Many startup focused events can be found on a site called Greenhorn Connect.

If you are a student in Boston, you should also check out Stay in MA. They provide scholarships to attend networking events with the goal of developing and retaining talent in MA, which is particularly helpful when you don’t have a job yet!

The Boston area has so much promise and the more connections that our students and recent graduates can make with the companies here, the stronger our city, overall economy, and environment will be.   I believe that all of us are in charge of our destiny and we have the perfect opportunity here in Boston to foster our future!

In the next series of blogs, I will profile more concrete information about opportunities in the different industry sectors that I mention above. Stay tuned for more details!


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4 responses to “HumpDay JobDay: Lauren’s Debut

  1. Lauren,

    You’re totally right. It’s a great time to be a young person in the Boston Tech/Entrepreneur community. The community as a whole is giving particular attention to keeping more students and recent graduates in Boston, so if you’re one of them, reach out and you’ll find there are a lot of people willing to help you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

    If you’re particularly interested in an industry, I suggest you check out the resource section at Greenhorn Connect as there are quite a few industry-specific organizations that can provide you help as well. Lauren can especially help you with life sciences opportunities and I’m sure others.

    Best of Luck and never be afraid to ask a question or for help. This community is really anxious to embrace the next generation of bright, ambitious, hard working Bostonians.


  2. devincole

    I’d also like to echo Lauren’s comments about networking.

    There are so many opportunities in Boston to plug in and I’d encourage anyone looking for a job to just start going to events in your target industry and meeting people. It can be a little intimidating to do, but it’s absolutely worth the effort.

    Also, don’t be shy to ask for help from more established people. My experience has always been that everyone who has built a career in Boston got help doing it and wants to return the favor. You would be surprised at the caliber of people that would take time out to have coffee or lunch with you. Just ask!

  3. Did you notice in yesterdays MHT newsletter they had an article pointing out how great Boston is for entrepreneurial opps:

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