A Little Trip to Charlestown…

It was a cold day.  Really cold but I could see that Charlestown had charm through my frozen corneas.  I’ve lived in the North End since gracing Boston with my arrival three years back which has made me kind of a snob when it comes to proximity.

I don’t like going to Cambridge and I only like going to the Back Bay if wherever I am going isn’t past Exeter.  My friend who lives in Brookline laughs at me when I ask her if she is going to come into the city as if she lives in Wellesley (in my defense Brookline is technically not part of Boston so therefore she is in fact coming into the city).  My little corner of Boston is cool enough that I learn or see something cool and new by just staying in a one-mile perimeter of my apartment.

Clearly, I need to expand my horizons. So here’s what I’m doing: I will travel to different neighborhoods, experience them and report back.  Good?


With this in mind, Devin suggested we explore his stomping grounds of Charlestown. I groaned thinking about having to cross a body of water and leaving the safety of the North End/Downtown area.

Although only a few minutes walking from the North End, Charlestown is very different from its neighbor across the harbor.  The North End reminds me of a neighborhood in a Godfather II meets Friends kind of way, while I can picture Charlestown as the home for an east coast version of Full House’s Tanner family.  There are cute little houses with cute little gates leading to cute little gardens and cute little window boxes.  The streets are wider and I feel in the case of a natural disaster I wouldn’t be trampled on an uncomfortably narrow one-way street.

We went to a very cute coffee shop (picture attached, please note that it was very cold) called Zume’s.  Large couches and chairs fill this cozy spot.  In the corner there were books and toys for their younger customers.  It wasn’t hard to tell this was a neighborhood favorite meeting spot and weekend place to relax.  I got a chicken salad sandwich that at the time of eating it was delicious.  So delicious I ate way too much and Devin got the pleasure of hearing me complain about my stomach hurting on the 20-minute walk back to City Hall.

With the Bunker Hill monument looming over this community,  I couldn’t help but feel a historical presence.  Walking down Main Street by Sullivan’s I felt I could blink my eyes and see Sam Adams performing a good old Tar and Feathering of a British ship captain, except I know there’s no way that happened because they didn’t have Irish pubs in Colonial times.

Would I ever live in Charlestown?  I do love the North End, but if my circumstances changed (develop claustrophobia, have 2-3 children, suddenly have a need for a window seat, or sick of paying what I do in rent for 500 square feet of space) I would definitely make the move across the harbor.  Another thing is that I would be neighbors with my ONEin3 Teammates Devin and Sam, which would be a bad and a good thing, respectively.

Not sure where we are going next, but you will be the first to know…

Intern Kendall being forced, by tyrant Devin, to pose in front of Zumes...it was cold

Kendall in Front of Zumes



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5 responses to “A Little Trip to Charlestown…

  1. Cassie

    I vote for Central Square, Cambridge 😉

  2. Sam

    Come back to CTown in the spring!

  3. Skitty

    You forgot to mention the cute cats in the windows!

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