ONEin3 Gets Around to Fort Point – RESCHEDULED!

Ok fine, we jumped the gun. That snowstorm that we cancelled the Get Around for?

Snowpocalypse turned into a 3 inch dusting and for that we are terribly embarrassed.

The good news? We got a new date!

Here’s the deal: we’ll be doing exactly what we promised the first time around, but this time on March 3rd.

  • We’ll start at Drink, where nationally renowned bartenders will serve a couple of cocktails and give a little lesson on how to make them yourself!
  • Then we’ll head to the artist-owned building at 300 Summer Street, where you’ll get a tour of two art galleries and enjoy a special dinner at Channel Cafe, created just for you. You’ll also meet Ana Crowley, Fort Point artist and owner of Channel Cafe.
  • And finally, we’ll walk over to Barlow’s, where you’ll get a complimentary dessert and access to a special drink menu.

Tickets are $49.17, which ain’t bad for dinner, drinks and dessert with chefs!

To reserve your spot, please act fast and click here.

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