I’m Leaving So ONEin3 Needs a New Intern

I wanted to call this post “29 Year Old Male Seeking Intern” but Devin thought that sounded creepy. What do you think?

Anyway, in the near future there will come a very sad day when I, the intern, will be moving on from ONEin3 to perhaps not bigger or brighter things, but hopefully a job that will actually pay me.  That day will mostly come in May, when I start a summer internship (anyone interested in hiring me for the summer let me know).

Although Devin knows he cannot replace me, mostly because I remind him every day as I sit in his cube at my laptop, he has put me in charge of writing this post to find my “replacement” (it’s morbid, I know).

Mostly, what I do is write for the blog, get contributors, and make sure it maintains its amazingness status.  What I love most about this internship is that I am free to write and make the blog into my own, by giving days cool names and getting people who know what they are talking about to write amazing posts.

So here you go…official requirements of being an ONEin3 intern:

-You must be a fabulous writer….and not afraid to use the word fabulous in as many sentences as possible to an uncomfortable extent

-It would help to know a bit about web-design and be web savvy (I’m not sure what that exactly means either but if you have a Twitter and/or Facebook account you should be okay) Extra bonus if you know web design.

-Be funny or at least get Devin to think you are funny

-Be willing to pose in awkward pictures by yourself around Boston

-You must live in Boston and love Boston…not as much as Devin because that is impossible but close.

Unofficial Requirements:

-Be able to put Devin in his place when his ego gets inflated.

-Be able to work in small spaces effectively

-It would be helpful if you are in extremely good athletic shape and are a moderate to very skilled soccer player.

Perks of Position:

-An occasional coffee and rations of a cookie.

-One really good lunch or until Devin realizes he can’t afford to buy lunch for himself let alone the intern too.

-Getting to know Boston

-Meeting/hanging out with Ms. Samantha Hammar

-You can throw magnets at Devin until he hides them from you

Sounds fun, right? If it sounds like a good deal to you, please email Devin at Devin.Cole.BRA [AT] CityofBoston [DOT] gov


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2 responses to “I’m Leaving So ONEin3 Needs a New Intern

  1. Heather

    As a former ONEin3 intern, I can say with confidence that you most definitely do not need to be in any kind of athletic shape for this position. More on point, I can attest that ONEin3 is an awesome way to learn about things going on in the city, what the City government is doing for its young residents and why, and what it takes to get things done in the public sector. You get communications, operational, project management, and marketing experience, and it’s a great first step towards finding a job in Boston. Plus you get to hang out with Devin, who is an awesome boss despite his Cantab ties.

  2. Sam 2.0

    As another former ONEin3 intern, I can also attest to the fabulosity of the ONEin3 internship. Not only was I granted a great nickname by Sam Hammar herself, but I had the opportunity to work on some really engaging, meaningful and just plain fun projects. The job also comes with great exposure; I met a lot of really interesting people at City Hall and around town. Devin is definitely an awesome boss – he’ll encourage you to think big…grand even. Great place to start as you’re getting to know Boston.

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