Unseasonably Fun – making the best of winter

How often do you get to say that you spent the entire day outside during the middle of the winter?  Probably not often.  I don’t blame you, it’s normally cold, windy, and the sky is usually having some sort of convulsion and spitting up on you in one way or another.   New England has got some pretty crazy weather.  While I’m asking this question, there is actually an unseasonably warm week going on.  So forget this week.  But if it is New England… it’s probably not “unseasonably warm”.  Are there seasons?  I feel like the year-round season should be re-named to “I don’t have a flippin’ clue what next week will bring”.

Anyways, back to “winter”.  I miss being able to be outdoors for an entire day and enjoying life.  So what’s your answer?  0 days outside all winter?  2 days?  Maybe 3 days max?  I’m pretty ecstatic to say my answer is at least 10.  Now before you write me off as insane and stop reading, hear me out.  I’ve found a passion in sport.  It just happens to be that my passion can only be enjoyed in the winter.  As a matter of fact, the worse the weather is, the more enjoyable it is.  Crazy, I know.  I’m sure you’ve already figured out that I’m talking about skiing and snowboarding.  If you’re not making it to the slopes, you’re missing out on an amazing experience.  Yes, even better than lobster mac ‘n cheese.  Skiing is the most mainstream Olympic sport for a reason.

It’s not the easiest sport to jump in to though, especially in the 80’s when you had to strap on gear that consisted of hideous onesies and bright flashy colors like radical red, bodacious yellow, and neat neon orange.  Add in some pink and purple, and you’re good to go – or lookin’ like a fool (“with your pants on the ground”).   However, the rewards are more than you can imagine while sitting at a computer reading blogs.  The experience even amazes me every time I’m on the slopes.  Thankfully the gear has become drastically more tasteful.

Powder days?  OMFG.  I died and went to heaven.  Riding on a fresh powder day has got to be the closest thing to floating on a cloud.  If you’ve caught the passion, you would take a fresh powder day over a Sox win, a nudist beach, or even some late-night extra curricular activities with a FWB any day of the week.

There’s something to be said for the social side of skiing too.  It’s not all about the physical aspects of hurling your body down a 2,500 ft vertical drop at 40 mph in the freezing cold.  Waiting in lines and riding the lifts up are the perfect times to catch up with your friends and get to know them more.  There is some serious quality time you’re spending with friends, or making new ones.   And of course at the end of the day you tear into the bar as hard as you rip up the slopes.  Scratch that, it’s normally even harder.

I know it’s March, but don’t fret.  There is still plenty of time to get out on the slopes before the season is over.  Once that first week of warm weather hits in the city, people automatically assume the mountains instantly lost all their snow.  The conditions are still phenomenal up north and I can almost guarantee there will be at least one more storm to dump on the mountains.  Gather up some friends and tell them an epic time awaits them.

Better yet, hit up an organized ski trip that does all the planning for you, saves you money, introduces you to a ton of stellar people, and rocks the nightlife.

Brian Shaw – Social Boston Sports
Giving you the keys to the epic life – take it for a test drive.

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