Podcasts, Wine and (don’t groan because it’s amazing) the CENSUS!!!

Hello my lovely ONEin3ers on this dreary Friday.  I hope everyone enjoyed ONEin3’s first podcast.  As someone who has absolutely no interest in entrepreneurship, I was completely fascinated by Morgan and her journey.  In addition, wine is always fun to talk about so that was just icing on the podcast cake.

Why am I saying this?

I guess I can’t stress enough that everyone can benefit from listening to Morgan’s words about business but most of all life.  In addition, you will learn a bit about wine….and I don’t know about you, but I am always impressed when I stumble across someone who knows their stuff when it come to the finer things in life (get more info on wine at Second Glass’ website!).

So listen to the podcast and be even more impressive than you already are my fabulous ONEin3 community!!!

On a different note, I know everyone and your mother has been telling you to fill out the census.  I filled it out and sent it back, and personally I have a bone to pick with the false advertising that the Bureau of the Census has been putting out.

Unless you have the reading capabilities of Charlie Kelly from the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and are filling the form out with a pen that is out of ink it will not take you ten minutes to fill out the census.  It will take you about three minutes if not less.  So to use the phrase my parents loved saying to me throughout my childhood…”suck it up and just do it.”

It will mean a lot to everyone, your country, your city, and even local celebrity Devin Cole.

FYI..if you don’t mail it in before April 19th you will get knock on your door by a census-taker and you will be “that person” that didn’t take less than 5 minutes to fill out the census, and people will judge.

ALSO, for the record, MINNESOTA is in the lead for percentage of census mailbacks…MINNESOTA!  Massachusetts is nowhere close to being in the lead so we need to be better and beat those Midwesterners!! Check out the top states

(To avoid backlash, I have never been to the Midwest but have wonderful friends from there.  I am sure it is a fabulous place and their mailing skills seem to be impeccable but I love Massachusetts more and would like to see us move closer to the lead).

And remember…we can’t move forward until you mail it back.

For those of you that have been inspired by my guilt-ridden words and have nothing to do tomorrow why not volunteer for the national “March to the Mailbox” campaign?  You will walk about 4.5 miles from Central Square to Grove Hall and end up at the 24th Annual Charles C. Yancey Book Fair (cardio and books…need I say more?).  There will be a large banner, noise-makers, caps, t-shirts, handout, signs, and fliers for you to use to harass people that have failed to fulfill their civic duty….how fun!

To Sum Up this Fabulous Friday Post:

Things ONEin3ers Need to Do

1) Listen to ONEin3’s Podcast

2)   Fill out your census and mail it back

3)   Lastly, optional but recommended:

Volunteer for the national “March to the Mailbox” campaign

When: Saturday April 10, 2010 at 11:00 am

Where: Clear Conscience Café / Central Square, 581 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA

How: Sign up with-

Emily Torres




Norman Eng




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