ONEin3’s Second Podcast with Boston Marathon Runner Emily Knight!!

For those of you keeping track it is once again Thursday.  I am super excited today…more than usual (I didn’t believe it was possible either) because we have ONEin3’s second podcast of all time.

This coming Monday is the day I have been waiting for pretty much since I started with ONEin3.  Not only is it Marathon Monday, but it is also the day I get to see Devin suffer for a joyful 26 miles. In addition, Devin will finally get to shave the mess that has grown on his face and I will not longer have to look at his beard while sharing a 5’ by 6’ cube.

In the spirit of this wonderful day, Devin and I interviewed the always-fabulous Emily Knight who is running the marathon for Melanoma Foundation of New England. As a person that picked sports growing up and in college based on how little I would have to run, I have nothing but admiration for Emily (and Devin…I guess).

So sit back, relax, and listen to ONEin3’s second podcast!!

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