Mo’ Money Mondays…WAT WAT

Oh HEEELoo my lovely ONEin3ers.  It is Monday and as all Monday’s bring pain, sadness and perhaps depression they also bring the wonderfulness that is Mo’ Money Mondays.

I hate talking about money right now in my life.  Mostly because I am making none and spending a ton on my edu-maca-tion.  Not only that, but Bank of America charged me not ONE not TWO but FIVE over draft fees in a two-day period.  This occurred because the Massachusetts government deposited the check I sent to them.

Oh yes…Massachusetts AND Bank of America are taking money from this poor graduate student.  To say the least, I feel robbed and well poor.

But, I assume, unlike me, you ONEin3ers have some money you need help managing.  So read below and make sure to check your checking account frequently.

NECN Ask Jennifer: Money tips for those who own their own business

Understanding Home Loans

How to Save on Organic Groceries: Our Guide to Farm Co-Ops

Make the Right Home Improvements

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