Hind-Sight is 20/20…what you wish you knew before taking your first job…

Hello my ONEin3ers.  Oh it is Tuesday and like most Tuesdays we will be asking you a question.  Unlike most Tuesdays however, Devin and I are not going to have our brainstorming sessions to come up with a fabulous question, but rather steal it.

My good friend Carlie, who reads the blog, despite living in Connecticut (gasp….I know, we try to not hold it against her) posted a fabulous question on her Facebook wall last week.  Carlie graduated from Colby College in 2009, and has recently started a job as, what I like to describe as, a drug dealer.  No, you would not find Carlie on a street corner, but rather, in doctors’ offices pitching prescription pharmaceuticals.

Why am I telling you this?  Well Carlie’s fabulous question was…

“what is one thing you wish you knew before you took your first job”

Carlie didn’t answer her own queston, but maybe she was thinking…she wish she knew how to sell drugs better?

As my faithful readers might know, my first job was in Commercial Real Estate.  I suppose what I would have liked to have known before I took the position, well I guess is, that I probably shouldn’t take the job because it would be completely miserable.

So let us know what you wish you knew ONEin3ers and hopefully your answer is better than mine!!

Also, check back in for tomorrows Hump Day Job Day/ Volunteer Vednesday!!!!


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15 responses to “Hind-Sight is 20/20…what you wish you knew before taking your first job…

  1. Dana Kirby

    I wish I had known (or realized) that I wouldn’t be getting all of the vacations that I had in college. I guess I “knew it” but after six months of working 5-6 days a week (I worked in retail!!) and the longest hours over the holidays, I realized that my life would be pretty much vacationless!!!

  2. devincole

    I wish I had known that your company doesn’t love/need you as much as your family and friends do and that it’s ok to look at your next career move right from the getgo.

    • devincole

      For the record, I love my job and the City is a great place to work. But it’s ok these days to bounce around!

  3. JohnSmith

    I wish I knew how much it sucked to be a paralegal.

  4. Rachel McCloskey

    I wish I had known that what I chose to major in in college would only apply “some” of the time in the workforce.

    I also wish I had known that its not only what job you choose, but also who you work with, that help make the daily grind a pleasant one.

  5. I wish that after I was interviewed for the job, I could have then interviewed everyone that I would be working with.

  6. Jessie

    I wish I had known how important sleep was for work! But in all seriousness, I wish I had known that happiness, no matter what you’re doing, is what is most important above all else and that if you’re job starts to fundamentally change who you are as a person, then it’s not the right job for you.

  7. heather

    i wish i knew that more school does not necessarily make you a more versatile job candidate.

  8. sam

    I wish I had known that even though you have a college degree and have internships on your resume, it doesn’t mean you’ve paid your dues. Entry level jobs are where you start paying your dues.

  9. LT

    I wish I had known that my boss would be leaving 2 months after I started and that I was about to get in WAY over my head.

  10. I wish I knew how important networking was to finding the job that I have a passion for. Through networks, not job postings, I have found job opportunities that were exciting and gave me great experience.

    Its ok to be the youngest person in the room to network and in Boston there is no shortage of rooms regardless of your interests and ambitions.

    Also life isn’t fair, that is a big one.

    • the intern

      “life isn’t fair” I LOVE THAT ONE.

      when I was little my parents had a great story from their days working at xerox that they always wanted to tell me when I said “it’s not fair” but it had a swear word in it so they couldn’t.

      When I was older they told me the story which ended with a boss that turned to a whinny employee and said, “f#$&k FAIR”

      I truly believe that the sooner people realize that life isn’t fair and move on, the happier they will be!

  11. MCB

    Whenever anyone, at any level above you, speaks or assigns you work, write it down. Even if you think you’ll remember it. And then repeat and clarify the timeline for the assignment.

  12. Lindsay

    I loved my first job (college internship-turned-FT), and honestly, I was great at it (so modest!). But back then I kind of felt like my entire identity was wrapped up in my job, so I knew that if the job ever changed, I was going to have a crisis on my hands. I loved saying, “I’m a producer!” When things got tougher in the news industry & economy, I was pretty bummed out when I knew the right thing to do was to try something else. I grew up, regrouped/strategized and found new and satisfying ways to be a part of my community via communication, but I could’ve saved myself a little grief at first if I were less rigid with my vision.

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