Kiss, Silent Treatment, Marry….Boston Style!

Oh, I didn’t see you there.  Welcome to ONEin3’s edition of Tell Me Tuesday.  What is the question this week, you ask? Well, it is really simple…if you could kiss, give the silent treatment to or marry three local celebrities, which would they be?  Me?

Kiss: Matt Damon

Silent Treatment: Hazel Mae

Marry: Dustin Pedroia

Have at it ONEin3ers, have at it.


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11 responses to “Kiss, Silent Treatment, Marry….Boston Style!

  1. Amy Deveau

    Kiss: Donny Walberg

    Silent Treatment: Bobby Brown

    Marry: John Krasinski

  2. ek

    kiss: Todd English
    silent treatment: Nick Verano
    marry: Ken Oringer

    i love food.

  3. devincole

    Kiss: Kate Bosworth

    Silent Treatment: Dane Cook…silent treatment is nowhere near strong enough.

    Marry: Kristine Leahy

    Kristine, leave your didgies in the comments section and I’ll have my people call your people.

  4. Ratty

    K: Eliza Dushku

    ST: Rasheed Wallace

    Marry: Maria Menounos

  5. kbp

    Kiss: Devin Cole
    Silent Treatment: Ernie Boch
    Marry: Ben Affleck

  6. Kiss: Marky Mark
    Silent Treatment: Scott Brown
    Marry: John Slattery

    Holla, Silver Fox.

  7. AKW

    K: Ray Allen
    S: Ill have to agree with Devin – Dane Cook
    M: Mark Wahlberg

  8. Chris

    Devin, Kristine is spoken for. Leave her alone.

    Kiss: Eliza Dushku

    Silent Treatment: David from the Real World Seattle

    Marry: Uma Thurman

  9. Yoon

    Kiss: Tom Brady (Giselle, back off!)
    Silent Treatment: jo’ mamma (I kid)
    Marry: Conan O’Brien (Yoon O’Brien… awww…)

  10. Matt

    Kiss: Kathryn Tappen. She’s always toiled in Heidi Watney’s shadow, but I’ll take the Tapp any day.

    Silent Treatment: Peter Chiarelli. And by “silent treatment” I mean hysterically screaming at him for the Ference and Thomas contracts.

    Marry: Amalie Benjamin. There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows more about baseball than you.

  11. Interesting….

    Kiss: Papelbon (he looks an aweful lot like the bf…aww!)
    Silent Treatment: No question, Bob and that stupid lady in his commercials that waves her hands too much and speaks too loudly!
    Marry: None of them. Celebrities all seem like arrogant pricks….

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