Interactive Friday: Memorial Day Grilling Tips and Memories

Arright people, Memorial Day is many things.

Now, we all know that it’s the day that we remember all the brave Americans who have served in foreign wars. But once we’ve done our honoring, most of us will find ourselves at a backyard BBQ or a block party grilling up some tasty treats.

So, in honor of this leisure time activity, we thought we’d make this Interactive Friday with ONEin3.

Tell us what grilling tips/recipes do you have this weekend? Link em if you got em!

I would put my favorite thing (grilled peaches) down but I’d be stealing from Tyler Balliet, so look for his comment.


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5 responses to “Interactive Friday: Memorial Day Grilling Tips and Memories

  1. The best things are vegetable kebabs. Period. Olive oil, salt and pepper. Done. And it’s hard to mess them up, unless you burn them up.


  2. Yoon

    Happy National Hamburger Day!

    Though I’m a huge sucker for a good, juicy burger (check out Ames Hotel burger – pretty amazing), I’m going to stay true to my motherland and share this recipe w/ everyone!

    Gal-bi: “Korean BBQ Short Ribs”

    It’s awesome wrapped in lettuce with some kimchi and soy paste.


  3. krisela

    Grilled peaches with brown sugar grilled for about 5 minutes over vanilla ice cream! YUMM!

  4. Heather

    Second the grilled corn–rubbed with feta and sprinkled with chopped mint or rubbed with cotija and sprinkled with cilantro. mmmmmmm.

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