Tell Me Tuesday – Wednesday Edition: Why are you here anyway?

ONEin3ers, it’s Wednesday and we just came off a 3 day weekend and you know what means…we’re a day behind!

So today is Tell Me Tuesday, Wednesday edition.

Our question for the week is 3 in one, a mirror image you might say:

1. What brought you to Boston?

2. How long do you plan to stay?

3. What would make you stay forever?



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2 responses to “Tell Me Tuesday – Wednesday Edition: Why are you here anyway?

  1. Amy Deveau

    1. I WOULD say that I was born here, but Devin seems to think that Cambridge is a rural suburb of Boston. So to answer this question, I’d have to say because of my friends. After college I moved home, all the way to the sticks, while most of my close friends relocated to Southie, ie two of them got an apartment together. I found myself hanging out there more and more, getting ready before a night out, walking Castle Island or going to the beach. It seemed to be the central meeting spot between my friends and me. Once I was ready to move out on my own, I decided that I wanted to be in Southie since I loved it so much, was pretty affordable, there was, albeit frustrating, parking and it was really close to my mom, who still lives in Cambridge.

    2. I don’t have any plans to leave anytime soon.

    3. If I was able to purchase an affordable house/condo in a nice area, I may be convinced to stay forever. Although, I think that for me to afford what I’d like, I need a higher paying job, as I don’t think my salary right now would cut it. Yea, a new job would be nice.

  2. Heather

    I came here because my husband matched for residency at one of the hospitals in the city. We’ll be here through his fellowship (6/7 years total) and the head back to the left coast where our families are. If anything would convince us to stay, I think it would be eliminating all the confusion around the public schools. We don’t have kids now, but hopefully we will one day, and the lottery system seems like too much of a risk.

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