Boston. Nightlife.

Now that I have your attention… ONEin3’s original Devin Cole and I have been discussing the lack of super great bars to venture to in Boston. We both have spent many weekdays and ends trying to figuring out where to go throw back a few with friends and acquaintances. Whether it be to celebrate a new internship, to day-drink, some Sunday Funday, to watch the game, perhaps show friends from out of town a good time, or just to kickback, the selection of bars/clubs/lounges are limited in variety  and originality to say the least.

What we ultimately and quickly discovered through our haphazard conversation was that the majority of b/c/l in Boston are unoriginal carbon copies of one another a.k.a. “Not Awesome.” No matter where you choose to go in the end it will be an off-breed of an Irish sports bar or something close. Faneuil Hall exhibits quantity over quality, and might as well be one giant Irish bar. Boylston is a strip of semi-sports bars where one can find TV’s on every wall however with no real differentiation or uniqueness. Allston can have its moments when money is sparse and you need a cheap drink, however the cab ride is enough of a deterrent to nip any trip out there in the butt before it’s seriously considered. The Fens/Kenmore can be a crazy night if you want it to be, however with the combination of Red Sox’s attendees who got the party started hours before you and the blur of redundant sports/Irish bars again produces no real distinction between one venue and the next.

Don’t get me wrong, we both have spent many epic and memorable nights in every one of these areas and more (Central, Harvard, Porter, South End, North End, Beacon Hill, South Boston Waterfront). We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and jobs in these neighborhoods. We have watched the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox all win Championships in these bars. The Boston nightlife is as much a part of our academic career as any textbook, dorm room or professor ever was.

However, the lack of originality and unique style in the Boston nightlife scene is an issue for young adults and students that an older generation may never fully comprehend. A diverse, unique, and flourishing nightlife lends to the quality of life more for our demographic than any other. Boston needs b/c/l’s that bring a fresh new taste, flavor, and style that will turn people on their heads. Boston needs a nightlife as eclectic and risk taking as the students that live here. As Sam Cooke once said, “Its been long, a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come.”

If you feel the same way or completely disagree please comment! Share your opinion on what types of b/c/l’s you would like to see or changes that you want made. Share the wealth and tell us your favorite spot to have an adult beverage, and maybe we may just see you there one day/night/morning!



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4 responses to “Boston. Nightlife.

  1. dennis

    Boston needs to become a 24-hour city in order for night life to thrive .. i.e. 24-hour T-access

  2. devincole

    Personally, I love Irish bars. I could live in Sully’s in Charlestown and be very happy and I like The Burren, The Fields, James’ Gate and the Brendan Behan even better.

    That said, I think this town could use some more variety. I think the issue lies in how restricted our liquor licenses are.

    We have a few neighborhoods in Boston with some variety. I think the South End has some decently diverse options. JP is ok too, but it used to be better when Milky Way was a bowling alley. Allston can be fun, but it takes me too long to get there from Charlestown for it to be worth it for anything other than a special occasion.

    Long story short, we have some improvement to do.

    ONEin3ers, let us have it. What can we do to make this place better?

  3. Lindsay

    Strictly observing city limits aka no Camberville, I’ll echo the JG love. This depends on my purposes quite a bit– since I’m active in the music scene, I’m more apt to focus on who hosts live music. So Great Scott is tops for that, and the new Milky Way is hosting music again. The House of Blues is hosting a free local series [that, cough, I’m playing in next month] in their front room, so that’s something fun and new I’m excited about. I’m also excited to check out the Haven, which is new to Hyde Square, a Scottish pub with a great-looking menu and friendly owners in the old Zon’s place. Ten Tables has a new bar and really superb cocktails [and food of course]. Bending my geographic rule though, I’m quite fond of the Plough & Stars – great atmosphere, Old Speckled Hen on tap, a terrific kitchen and a new favorite place to both see a band and perform. I had my bday there this year.

  4. Dave

    I’ve heard Boston described as the city that ALWAYS sleeps. And I can’t say that’s not true. We need to allow more liquor licenses and at least 3:00am close time for bars on weekends.

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