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Justin Obey is as involved in Boston's professional and social scenes as anyone in the city. A true leader by example, Justin is the Co-Founder and President of Social Boston Sports, a sports and event services organization that provides over 15 different co-ed recreational sports leagues, weekend adventure trips (skiing, skydiving, and rafting) and hundreds of social events to a rapidly growing SBS Community of over 20,000.

The Active Life: Running All Around Boston

ONEin3ers HELLO! How’s it going on this fine Thursday?! Yes! Only one more day until the weekend.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all, albeit so far it’s really just a one sided conversation. I hope that over the next few months I get to know many of you much better! Let’s, together, talk about active things happening in Boston, shall we?! There’s soo many great things happening here in this wonderful city of ours!

First, (I almost forgot) allow me to introduce myself. My name is Justin. I’ve lived in the Boston area all my life. Grew up in Westwood, went to school at Bentley University, graduated and moved to Boston. Shortly after graduating, I started Social Boston Sports with a few friends (you’ll hear from Brian in the upcoming weeks) as a community to provide young professionals 21-35 with coed recreational sports leagues, social events, parties, and weekend ski trips all without an annual fee! Today we still run Social Boston Sports providing awesome events for a growing community of over 6,000 SBS-ers!

Boston is the place to be! We’ve got so many amazing people here doing incredible things. To sit idly by would be a travesty. I’m here to tell you about how you can get involved in Boston’s “active life”. Sports, hiking, adventure, skiing, skydiving, beaches, running, and soo much more!

This week I’m going to talk about running.

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