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ONEin3’s Got a Brand New Blog!

This one has posted its last post.

To see what all the fuss is about, take a look over at

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Neighborhoods Shmeighborhoods

The various neighborhoods of Boston range in environment, affordability, and social scene as much as the winding career paths of the former members of the 90’s power-boy-band N’SYNC. Each one offers something different and unique, however the same characteristics that appeal to one person may be the deterrent for another. For students, neighborhoods range from the affordable and spacious student filled duplexes of Allston/Brighton to the more swank, pricey, and ultimately smaller apartments of downtown Boston. A neighborhood reflects upon you as much as the car you drive in LA. It represents and embodies your own priorities, values, and personality. It is an extension of ones-self that has been materialized in the coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and green spaces that surround you.

How do you choose what neighborhood best fits you? What I look for in a great apartment is proximity to a T stop and school, a safe and friendly neighborhood, and most importantly price. As I touched upon in my first blog entry at ONEin3, I have lived numerous apartments in Boston over the past seven years and am currently on my fifth.

My first apartment was 160 Newbury Street. There were five people, three boys and two girls ranging in age from 20-22. It was a perfect fit for a Sophomore in college. We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. People stopped by constantly and there was always something to do. We were a 30 second walk from the Copley stop and a ten minute walk from school, and most importantly the price was right. What I quickly learned was that Newbury Street is not just a street and my front yard, it is Boston’s very own catwalk. It is a venue of its own where Boston’s most “fashionable” come to see and be seen. Now people watching is one of my favorite sports, however watching people so into themselves can only be entertaining for so long. Newbury Street is a great place to live, however one year at 160 and another at the corner of Hereford and Newbury was enough for me.

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Housing For Students is a Hot Mess

No matter what neighborhood in Boston you reside in a betting man would say you are locked into at least a year long lease. The average student is going to remain in Boston for roughly nine months and leave one of those months for winter break, thus only living in their own apartment for two thirds of the lease. Every year you see units available on CraigsList, Facebook, blogs, and school boards from students who are not living in their apartments for the summer. This mass subletting every summer conducted by students, some 18 years old, is one highlighted by disorganization, stress and a low success rate.

Why does Boston not consider flexible housing options or other alternatives to the conventional one year lease? With mounting pressure on higher educational institutions to provide housing for their students rather than have them look for apartments, it seems interesting that these institutions have not considered alternatives other than build more dormitories. Better yet, why has a private investor/developer/entrepreneur not capitalized on this problem that effects all parties from students, to schools, to neighborhoods and their residents, to the city as a whole?

Privatized communal housing with security and the whole nine is one alternative. Similar to dormitories, however offered to students at an affordable rate. Rethinking the traditional lease is another option, where landlords specifically target students with leases that last from September to May of every year nullifying any subletting issues that may arise. The landlord would then be able to rent the remaining three months for an inflated rate. Boston can also look at international best practices and find what has worked best and what would fit our market and tweak it to best work for our particular housing environment.

What would you like to see happen surrounding the living situations provided for Boston students? What do you think would be most effective, cost-efficient, and enjoyable? Is the current system and model of housing for young people sufficient? In an ideal world what would you like to see, whether it be high-rises, mini communities of students, or all student housing pushed to greater Boston?



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Boston. Nightlife.

Now that I have your attention… ONEin3’s original Devin Cole and I have been discussing the lack of super great bars to venture to in Boston. We both have spent many weekdays and ends trying to figuring out where to go throw back a few with friends and acquaintances. Whether it be to celebrate a new internship, to day-drink, some Sunday Funday, to watch the game, perhaps show friends from out of town a good time, or just to kickback, the selection of bars/clubs/lounges are limited in variety  and originality to say the least.

What we ultimately and quickly discovered through our haphazard conversation was that the majority of b/c/l in Boston are unoriginal carbon copies of one another a.k.a. “Not Awesome.” No matter where you choose to go in the end it will be an off-breed of an Irish sports bar or something close. Faneuil Hall exhibits quantity over quality, and might as well be one giant Irish bar. Boylston is a strip of semi-sports bars where one can find TV’s on every wall however with no real differentiation or uniqueness. Allston can have its moments when money is sparse and you need a cheap drink, however the cab ride is enough of a deterrent to nip any trip out there in the butt before it’s seriously considered. The Fens/Kenmore can be a crazy night if you want it to be, however with the combination of Red Sox’s attendees who got the party started hours before you and the blur of redundant sports/Irish bars again produces no real distinction between one venue and the next.

Don’t get me wrong, we both have spent many epic and memorable nights in every one of these areas and more (Central, Harvard, Porter, South End, North End, Beacon Hill, South Boston Waterfront). We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and jobs in these neighborhoods. We have watched the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox all win Championships in these bars. The Boston nightlife is as much a part of our academic career as any textbook, dorm room or professor ever was.

However, the lack of originality and unique style in the Boston nightlife scene is an issue for young adults and students that an older generation may never fully comprehend. A diverse, unique, and flourishing nightlife lends to the quality of life more for our demographic than any other. Boston needs b/c/l’s that bring a fresh new taste, flavor, and style that will turn people on their heads. Boston needs a nightlife as eclectic and risk taking as the students that live here. As Sam Cooke once said, “Its been long, a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come.”

If you feel the same way or completely disagree please comment! Share your opinion on what types of b/c/l’s you would like to see or changes that you want made. Share the wealth and tell us your favorite spot to have an adult beverage, and maybe we may just see you there one day/night/morning!



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Interactive Friday: Memorial Day Grilling Tips and Memories

Arright people, Memorial Day is many things.

Now, we all know that it’s the day that we remember all the brave Americans who have served in foreign wars. But once we’ve done our honoring, most of us will find ourselves at a backyard BBQ or a block party grilling up some tasty treats.

So, in honor of this leisure time activity, we thought we’d make this Interactive Friday with ONEin3.

Tell us what grilling tips/recipes do you have this weekend? Link em if you got em!

I would put my favorite thing (grilled peaches) down but I’d be stealing from Tyler Balliet, so look for his comment.


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What you have all been waiting for: The Intern’s Reflections on her trip to Jamaica Plain

The Devin and I sat at Brendan Behan Pub after our afternoon of exploration of Jamaica Plain.  In front of me was a pint of White Allagash fresh from the tap and an American Bull Mastiff sniffed under my chair in search of scraps of food.  The music was at the perfect volume and groups of people lined the bar just relaxing on this quiet evening.

I turned to The Devin and we said simultaneously, “I would definitely live here.”  I am straddling the line between early and late twenties, while Devin is nearing middle age and our life styles are most certainly changing away from weekend barhopping in Faneuil Hall.   After just five short hours Jamaica Plain seemed to offer a welcoming alternative to the college-like feeling of a lot of Boston, and I felt like I could take a deep breath and relax without actually having to leave the city. The bar scene seemed like another option to Starbucks for the patrons as a type of “third space” where they can socialize and relax with the benefits of having a good pint of beer instead of a place to go dressed up with your friends to get drunk.

Jamaica Plain offers an environment that differed from the rest of the city.  In the spirit of comparing everywhere I go in Boston to where I grew up, I would compare Jamaica Plain to Berkeley, California.  I definitely got an “alternative” feel while walking around…lots of bikes, different types of people and small restaurants.

We started our day driving to Jackson Square and slowly walking up Centre Street. Immediately, I noticed the uniqueness in the architecture.  We passed a few typical Boston triple-deckers, but I loved how each had a personality with by having a piece of flair such a well -placed arch or a fun vibrant color.

Up a little further, Centre Street I felt like I was on the set of the movie “Now and Then.”  I had a vintage feeling while walking down the street, I am not sure whether it was the Goodwill or the City Feed that was painted in red, white and blue. I soaked up the feeling of walking down the street in a different era.

We went into City Feed, which I would compare to a small Whole Foods with community uniqueness aspect.  Customers can get locally grown products and there were small clipboards where a customer can request a product that is not already offered.  Just being in City Feed I felt a part of the Jamaica Plain community and realized the adhesiveness the neighborhood has to offer.

Another thing I loved about Jamaica Plain was that there were dogs everywhere.  Besides children and food, nothing brings neighbors together like dogs.  Dogs seem to be welcome everywhere as a result. Brendan Behan Pub allows them in their bar and I watched as people struck up conversation about the canines and gave them friendly scratches.    This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but I feel like it attests to Jamaica Plain’s pride in community and gathering in a public sphere by allowing dog owners to socialize at a bar without having to leave their four-legged friend at home.

So on a whole I would say Jamaica Plain is pretty amazing and the only criticism I would have is it is not closer to the North End and can’t visit more often!

Note: Devin and I went to Jamaica Plain for just a few hours.  As a result of the short time spent there this reflection is only supposed to represent what an outsider might experience if seeing Jamaica Plan for the first time.  We know that we did not see everything that Jamaica Plain has to offer, so we would love anyone with suggestions for places to see to let us know in the comment section.  Also, if you are a JP resident and you would like to blog about what it’s like to live there, please let us know so can provide the fullest picture possible of the neighborhood.  Thanks!

The Intern, Kendall

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Podcasts, Wine and (don’t groan because it’s amazing) the CENSUS!!!

Hello my lovely ONEin3ers on this dreary Friday.  I hope everyone enjoyed ONEin3’s first podcast.  As someone who has absolutely no interest in entrepreneurship, I was completely fascinated by Morgan and her journey.  In addition, wine is always fun to talk about so that was just icing on the podcast cake.

Why am I saying this?

I guess I can’t stress enough that everyone can benefit from listening to Morgan’s words about business but most of all life.  In addition, you will learn a bit about wine….and I don’t know about you, but I am always impressed when I stumble across someone who knows their stuff when it come to the finer things in life (get more info on wine at Second Glass’ website!).

So listen to the podcast and be even more impressive than you already are my fabulous ONEin3 community!!!

On a different note, I know everyone and your mother has been telling you to fill out the census.  I filled it out and sent it back, and personally I have a bone to pick with the false advertising that the Bureau of the Census has been putting out.

Unless you have the reading capabilities of Charlie Kelly from the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and are filling the form out with a pen that is out of ink it will not take you ten minutes to fill out the census.  It will take you about three minutes if not less.  So to use the phrase my parents loved saying to me throughout my childhood…”suck it up and just do it.”

It will mean a lot to everyone, your country, your city, and even local celebrity Devin Cole. Continue reading

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