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Introducing Volunteer Vednesday: Climate Action Plan, Live United, and Big Sisters!!!

Hello all my fabulous ONEin3ers…we have an addition to Hump Day Job day that is less focused on making the big bucks and more on giving back and warming the heart.

Soooo….we are gladly introducing VOLUNTEER VEDNESDAY!  This week we are giving you a variety of different ways you can get involved in your community so check it out!

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I’m Leaving So ONEin3 Needs a New Intern

I wanted to call this post “29 Year Old Male Seeking Intern” but Devin thought that sounded creepy. What do you think?

Anyway, in the near future there will come a very sad day when I, the intern, will be moving on from ONEin3 to perhaps not bigger or brighter things, but hopefully a job that will actually pay me.  That day will mostly come in May, when I start a summer internship (anyone interested in hiring me for the summer let me know).

Although Devin knows he cannot replace me, mostly because I remind him every day as I sit in his cube at my laptop, he has put me in charge of writing this post to find my “replacement” (it’s morbid, I know).

Mostly, what I do is write for the blog, get contributors, and make sure it maintains its amazingness status.  What I love most about this internship is that I am free to write and make the blog into my own, by giving days cool names and getting people who know what they are talking about to write amazing posts.

So here you go…official requirements of being an ONEin3 intern:

-You must be a fabulous writer….and not afraid to use the word fabulous in as many sentences as possible to an uncomfortable extent

-It would help to know a bit about web-design and be web savvy (I’m not sure what that exactly means either but if you have a Twitter and/or Facebook account you should be okay) Extra bonus if you know web design.

-Be funny or at least get Devin to think you are funny

-Be willing to pose in awkward pictures by yourself around Boston

-You must live in Boston and love Boston…not as much as Devin because that is impossible but close.

Unofficial Requirements:

-Be able to put Devin in his place when his ego gets inflated.

-Be able to work in small spaces effectively

-It would be helpful if you are in extremely good athletic shape and are a moderate to very skilled soccer player.

Perks of Position:

-An occasional coffee and rations of a cookie.

-One really good lunch or until Devin realizes he can’t afford to buy lunch for himself let alone the intern too.

-Getting to know Boston

-Meeting/hanging out with Ms. Samantha Hammar

-You can throw magnets at Devin until he hides them from you

Sounds fun, right? If it sounds like a good deal to you, please email Devin at Devin.Cole.BRA [AT] CityofBoston [DOT] gov


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Hump Day Getting You Down? Get Inspired with Kelly from Boston Cares

It’s my personal belief that an inverse effect exists: when the level of gross weather goes up, motivation to get out and volunteer goes down. I wholeheartedly understand this phenomenon, as I walked around the City Thursday evening looking like I had braved a hurricane. But allow me to pass on a little inspiration to motivate you to put the sweatpants away, leave the hot chocolate for another day, and continue your efforts toward building a better community.

On Wednesday I conducted mock interviews as part of Charlestown High School’s Professional Career Day. When I asked one student about a project he’d completed independently, he told me about helping to create a community basketball league in his Dorchester neighborhood, as a sign of peace after two shootings had occurred. He worked with neighbors to fundraise, took the lead on communication and outreach, and participated in events promoting peace and civic involvement. I was blown away. So despite the rain and the temptation to curl up on the couch under a blanket, keep volunteering since it’s worth it to see the impact you can make.

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Sector Trek Postponed – Why Don’t You Love Us??

Arright ONEin3ers, we’re getting needy over here.

You consistently rank jobs as your most urgent concern in all our surveys and research but when we unveiled Sector Treks, only one of you signed up! Needless to say, we had to cancel the event, which made us very sad because we thought it was going to be the bomb.

So, we want to know where we’re going wrong. Is it the time of day (12-5pm)? The price tag ($10)? The topics (Startups and non-science jobs in the life sciences)? The marketing? Is the whole thing just stupid?

Anyway, we have lots of questions that only you can answer. Help us help all of us get jobs by posting your ideas in the comments section!

Also, keep an eye out for later today when we will announce the next ONEin3 Networking Night – don’t tell anyone I told you, but we’re going to spill the beans on where the jobs are right now!


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Want to volunteer? Don’t know where to start? Let Kelly Clark from Boston Cares be your guide!

As the “new kid on the block” in the ONEin3 blog, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kelly Clark, and I work for Boston Cares, a nonprofit dedicated to flexible, team-based volunteering in Greater Boston. I’m a big fan of volunteering, and wanted to get you in on the action. Every week I’ll highlight a national or local service topic, an agency that you can serve in your own community, and some project recommendations for anyone who just doesn’t know where to start. There are over 36,000 tax exempt organizations in Massachusetts, so allow me to point you in the right direction!

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SectorTrek: What did the hydrogen atom say to the policeman?

Do you think this joke is funny?

Hydrogen atom:  Someone just stole my electron!!‬

‪Policeman:  Are you sure?‬

‪Hydrogen atom:  Yes, I’m positive!‬?

Or have you ever worn or had the desire to wear a really cool suit to protect yourself from dangerous diseases (see picture below).

If so, then March 4th’s Life Sciences Sector Trek might be for you!  Come to the West End’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM to hear from speakers in the industry and learn about professional opportunities in the field.

Stay tuned for more information on the after party! Continue reading

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Humpday Jobday and ONEin3 Networking Nights!

In honor of Humpday Jobday, the ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory Council‘s  is excited to announce TWO great new programs designed to get you, dear ONEin3er, a job.

For starters, we’ll be hosting a FREE networking night with a focus: How Volunteering Can Land You a Job.

Learn about volunteer opportunities in Boston and how your fellow ONEin3ers have turned a volunteer gig into their dream job. We’ll hear from YAVA, Boston Cares and helpful hints from volunteers turned employees.

Date: Wednesday, February, 24th

Time:6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Dillon’s, 955 Boylston Street

RSVP: deveau.amy [AT]

And for their next trick, the Council will be announcing our first ever Sector Trek focused on the Life Sciences. That will be worth its own post, so keep an eye out, but suffice it to say that it’s looking like a great program and you’ll want to be a part of it.

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