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ONEin3’s Got a Brand New Blog!

This one has posted its last post.

To see what all the fuss is about, take a look over at

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ONEin3 Advisory Council Interviews – How We Want to Improve Boston!

We had our 3rd and final group interview with 15 excellent ONEin3ers this morning, all vying to be part of the ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Advisory Council. It seems like every year at least one of the interview groups is significantly weaker than the other two, but not so this year. All three sessions were really solid, with interesting and thoughtful conversation about Boston.

Each of these interviews serves two important functions. Of course, they help us to select the Council, but they also function as echoes of the 19 focus groups that were the official beginning of the ONEin3 Boston initiative. Our selection committee loves doing these interviews because  they help us keep our focus on the most important issues that face young people in Boston.

The format of these conversations is pretty basic. We sit in one big group around a table and ask each participant to introduce him or herself. Each participants tell the group one thing that he or she likes about Boston and one thing that could be improved. Once we have all those goods and bads on the table, we move into an open discussion of a couple issues that emerge in their introductory comments.

(Read on for more on what we discussed and please head to the comments to tell us what you think!)

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Tell Me Tuesday – 6th of July Edition

ONEin3ers…we know you celebrated 4th of July in style. So many options around, including the HUGE fireworks/Pops/Toby Keith extravaganza on the Esplanade and river, beach trips on the Cape, North Shore, lakes etc, and many more.

Tell us what you did to celebrate America’s independence!

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Tell Me Tuesday – Creative Working Edition

Here at ONEin3 HQ and at City Hall, we talk about creative work schedules a lot. Our generation doesn’t work those same uniform 9-5 shifts like many of our grandparents and parents did/do. We know we need to do a better job of accommodating odd hour work arrangements.

On that note, I’ve decided to experiment a little…so I can watch the entire World Cup. I’ll be working from 1-9pm every day so I can watch the 7:30 and 10:30 games live and DVR the 2:30 every day. I plan to work pretty much full hours, keep an eye on work on my trusty Mac while watching games, and take a few vacation hours every day just to make sure I’m not ripping anyone off.

If I did this all the time, I know I’d want to have a few things changed (upgraded?), like more restaurants open later so I could grab a bit after work.

So, on to our questions:

1. What would be your ideal working hours?

2. What does Boston need to do to make sure the City works for people who work hard at weird times?

PS. I know how awesome I have it!


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Tell Me Tuesday – Wednesday Edition: Why are you here anyway?

ONEin3ers, it’s Wednesday and we just came off a 3 day weekend and you know what means…we’re a day behind!

So today is Tell Me Tuesday, Wednesday edition.

Our question for the week is 3 in one, a mirror image you might say:

1. What brought you to Boston?

2. How long do you plan to stay?

3. What would make you stay forever?



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Kiss, Silent Treatment, Marry….Boston Style!

Oh, I didn’t see you there.  Welcome to ONEin3’s edition of Tell Me Tuesday.  What is the question this week, you ask? Well, it is really simple…if you could kiss, give the silent treatment to or marry three local celebrities, which would they be?  Me?

Kiss: Matt Damon

Silent Treatment: Hazel Mae

Marry: Dustin Pedroia

Have at it ONEin3ers, have at it.


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Tell Me Tuesday, Third Rail Edition – What To Do About Boston and Race?

Boston has a long-standing bad reputation for racism and segregation. So bad that the city struggles to keep young professionals of color, despite the fact that there are jobs and amazing institutions of higher education here.

Ask any non-white person from Atlanta, New York or Chicago what they think of Boston and they’ll cite racism and a lack of opportunity for people of color as a primary characteristic. It remains open to debate whether those perceptions reflect some truth, the whole truth or no truth, but perception is reality.

In the recent past, many organizations have sprung up to support young people of color in their personal and professional lives, including The PartnershipCommonwealth Compact, Friendly Takeover, Emerge MA and many others (if you know of other organizations, please post them in the comments!).

Here at ONEin3 HQ and City Hall, we believe that Boston’s future success rests on ensuring that there are professional, cultural and social opportunities for all.

We believe that that effort begins with an honest conversation, like the great one we began at DotRox Neighborhood Night last week.

So, in honor of Tell Me Tuesday, we ask you:

How can we, as a new generation of young Bostonians, make Boston a more inclusive place that people of color from all over the world want to call home?

We probably don’t need to say this, but to our wonderful ONEin3ers, please be thoughtful in your comments. Let’s make this a constructive conversation!


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