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ONEin3’s Got a Brand New Blog!

This one has posted its last post.

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Neighborhoods Shmeighborhoods

The various neighborhoods of Boston range in environment, affordability, and social scene as much as the winding career paths of the former members of the 90’s power-boy-band N’SYNC. Each one offers something different and unique, however the same characteristics that appeal to one person may be the deterrent for another. For students, neighborhoods range from the affordable and spacious student filled duplexes of Allston/Brighton to the more swank, pricey, and ultimately smaller apartments of downtown Boston. A neighborhood reflects upon you as much as the car you drive in LA. It represents and embodies your own priorities, values, and personality. It is an extension of ones-self that has been materialized in the coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and green spaces that surround you.

How do you choose what neighborhood best fits you? What I look for in a great apartment is proximity to a T stop and school, a safe and friendly neighborhood, and most importantly price. As I touched upon in my first blog entry at ONEin3, I have lived numerous apartments in Boston over the past seven years and am currently on my fifth.

My first apartment was 160 Newbury Street. There were five people, three boys and two girls ranging in age from 20-22. It was a perfect fit for a Sophomore in college. We did whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. People stopped by constantly and there was always something to do. We were a 30 second walk from the Copley stop and a ten minute walk from school, and most importantly the price was right. What I quickly learned was that Newbury Street is not just a street and my front yard, it is Boston’s very own catwalk. It is a venue of its own where Boston’s most “fashionable” come to see and be seen. Now people watching is one of my favorite sports, however watching people so into themselves can only be entertaining for so long. Newbury Street is a great place to live, however one year at 160 and another at the corner of Hereford and Newbury was enough for me.

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Boston. Nightlife.

Now that I have your attention… ONEin3’s original Devin Cole and I have been discussing the lack of super great bars to venture to in Boston. We both have spent many weekdays and ends trying to figuring out where to go throw back a few with friends and acquaintances. Whether it be to celebrate a new internship, to day-drink, some Sunday Funday, to watch the game, perhaps show friends from out of town a good time, or just to kickback, the selection of bars/clubs/lounges are limited in variety  and originality to say the least.

What we ultimately and quickly discovered through our haphazard conversation was that the majority of b/c/l in Boston are unoriginal carbon copies of one another a.k.a. “Not Awesome.” No matter where you choose to go in the end it will be an off-breed of an Irish sports bar or something close. Faneuil Hall exhibits quantity over quality, and might as well be one giant Irish bar. Boylston is a strip of semi-sports bars where one can find TV’s on every wall however with no real differentiation or uniqueness. Allston can have its moments when money is sparse and you need a cheap drink, however the cab ride is enough of a deterrent to nip any trip out there in the butt before it’s seriously considered. The Fens/Kenmore can be a crazy night if you want it to be, however with the combination of Red Sox’s attendees who got the party started hours before you and the blur of redundant sports/Irish bars again produces no real distinction between one venue and the next.

Don’t get me wrong, we both have spent many epic and memorable nights in every one of these areas and more (Central, Harvard, Porter, South End, North End, Beacon Hill, South Boston Waterfront). We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and jobs in these neighborhoods. We have watched the Patriots, Celtics and Red Sox all win Championships in these bars. The Boston nightlife is as much a part of our academic career as any textbook, dorm room or professor ever was.

However, the lack of originality and unique style in the Boston nightlife scene is an issue for young adults and students that an older generation may never fully comprehend. A diverse, unique, and flourishing nightlife lends to the quality of life more for our demographic than any other. Boston needs b/c/l’s that bring a fresh new taste, flavor, and style that will turn people on their heads. Boston needs a nightlife as eclectic and risk taking as the students that live here. As Sam Cooke once said, “Its been long, a long time coming, but I know a change gonna come.”

If you feel the same way or completely disagree please comment! Share your opinion on what types of b/c/l’s you would like to see or changes that you want made. Share the wealth and tell us your favorite spot to have an adult beverage, and maybe we may just see you there one day/night/morning!



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Sunny Summer Days with David: Roof Decks, Pools, & Al Fresco

I recently read an article on (an underrated website, if you can believe it) about the roof decks in Boston. I thoroughly enjoyed the article and it brought up one glaring point, Summer Is Hot. Where do summer students go for a bite to eat slash cocktail mid-day or on a hot summer night? The options in the article were eclectic and had a little something for everyone. But honestly, will these eight venues really tide us over for the entirety of the hot summer?

We all have a friend with a roof deck who is extra popular during the months from May to September. To have roof deck access is similar to holding a key to a personal sunshine getaway for all friends and family from the heat of the summertime cement jungle. I was blessed once many moons ago with such amenities… however, I have since resorted to begging friends and foes alike for the privilege. What options do students have in the city on hot summer days? Roof deck pools!

Roof deck pools are very hard to come by not matter what city you are in. Did you know that Boston has two? Both are detailed on Boston also has public watertainment options, the Department of Conservation and Recreation offers an in ground pool for people in the North End. The new Greenway, where the elevated I-93 was, has been transformed into green space snaking through Boston spotted with fountains and places to play in the water. People, get out of the heat and take a dip for gosh sakes! And after get a bite to eat outside!

Al Fresco is where Boston shines. With numerous quality restaurants sprinkled all over the good city of Boston, a greater amount of restaurants each year are adding this feature to their repertoire, and it makes me smile. Boston is a great city for food and drinks no matter what price point you’re playing in. Fiore (roof deck), Bouchee (below ground level), and Church (patio) all offer their own take on outside dinning. Now that summer has come upon us and given the population a collective kiss of color on our faces, why not do a little bronzing while having some food?

Are you happy with Boston’s roof deck, pool, and al fresco scene? Do we need a greater range of options or are we being greedy and creating first world problems for ourselves? What are your opinions of the venues we have? Please share your hidden gems or favorite can’t miss places for Summer 2010…


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World Cup Boston 2010 Kicks It off USA v. England Style

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, look no further. Just go to the House of Blues tomorrow and watch soccer!

Join ONEin3 World Cup correspondent Nitjyot Saroan, World Cup Boston 2010 and the New England Revolution and celebrate the world’s favorite sport.

Start with Argentina v. Nigeria, where you get to see the Super Eagles try to contain Senor Messi as he runs around, through and over people. Bonus, if Argentina plays well, there’s a chance Maradona will be running naked through BA by mid-July.

Follow that up with Greece v. South Korea.

And then? The MAIN EVENT. USA v. England. Let’s do this Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, Altidor, Bradley et al.

No, friends, you do not want to miss this.


A couple other things:

World Cup Boston has a cool event happening TONIGHT too! Celebrate the incredible diversity of African food, dance, culture, sports, you name it at the Children’s Museum starting at 6.

Lastly, check out their guide to putting on a World Cup viewing party with the right South African flavor. Now you just have to get your friends in the door.

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Boston Bike Week Starts Today!

Boston Bike Week Starts Today!

May is National Bike Month and Boston is celebrating with a week-long extravaganza featuring two of our favorite things: bikes and free food!

There are events all week long, including at least one free breakfast somewhere in the Boston area every single day. Check out the events calendar on for all the details.

Highlights of Boston Bike Week include:

TODAY: Boston Bike Week Kickoff

11:45am City Hall

Plaza Ride from City Hall to Comm Ave with the Boston Police. Mayor Menino will preside over the ribbon-cutting for the brand-new, super-swank bike lanes on Comm Ave. The Mayor will also unveil new, signature bike racks and will announce what’s to come for biking in Boston.

Thursday: Cities for Cycling Summit

6:00pm Panel at BU’s Sleeper Auditorium, 871 Comm Ave 7:30pm with afterparty at Landry’s Bicycles

Come hear from the Bike Czars of Portland, New York and San Francisco about what their cities are doing to become world-class bike-friendly cities. A reception will follow at Landry’s Bicycles with free refreshments from Boloco and Harpoon Brewery.

Friday: Mayor Menino’s Bike Week Festival

7:00-9:00am City Hall Plaza Ride with a convoy of fellow cyclists to City Hall Plaza, where you’ll be met with a bike festival featuring free breakfast from Boloco, an expo and tons of free stuff.

Join a convoy from JP, Allston/Brighton, West Roxbury, Dorchester, Somerville, Newton, Belmont, or Lexington, or meet us on the Plaza! Enjoy free food and giveaways, socialize with new and old friends on two wheels, and still get to work on time. Check out for more details, and stay tuned to for events all summer long.

Happy riding,

Jess “the Vice Bike Czar of Boston” Robertson

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Unseasonably Fun – making the best of winter

How often do you get to say that you spent the entire day outside during the middle of the winter?  Probably not often.  I don’t blame you, it’s normally cold, windy, and the sky is usually having some sort of convulsion and spitting up on you in one way or another.   New England has got some pretty crazy weather.  While I’m asking this question, there is actually an unseasonably warm week going on.  So forget this week.  But if it is New England… it’s probably not “unseasonably warm”.  Are there seasons?  I feel like the year-round season should be re-named to “I don’t have a flippin’ clue what next week will bring”.

Anyways, back to “winter”.  I miss being able to be outdoors for an entire day and enjoying life.  So what’s your answer?  0 days outside all winter?  2 days?  Maybe 3 days max?  I’m pretty ecstatic to say my answer is at least 10.  Now before you write me off as insane and stop reading, hear me out.  I’ve found a passion in sport.  It just happens to be that my passion can only be enjoyed in the winter.  As a matter of fact, the worse the weather is, the more enjoyable it is.  Crazy, I know.  I’m sure you’ve already figured out that I’m talking about skiing and snowboarding.  If you’re not making it to the slopes, you’re missing out on an amazing experience.  Yes, even better than lobster mac ‘n cheese.  Skiing is the most mainstream Olympic sport for a reason.

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