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Mo’ Money Mondays…WAT WAT

Oh HEEELoo my lovely ONEin3ers.  It is Monday and as all Monday’s bring pain, sadness and perhaps depression they also bring the wonderfulness that is Mo’ Money Mondays.

I hate talking about money right now in my life.  Mostly because I am making none and spending a ton on my edu-maca-tion.  Not only that, but Bank of America charged me not ONE not TWO but FIVE over draft fees in a two-day period.  This occurred because the Massachusetts government deposited the check I sent to them.

Oh yes…Massachusetts AND Bank of America are taking money from this poor graduate student.  To say the least, I feel robbed and well poor.

But, I assume, unlike me, you ONEin3ers have some money you need help managing.  So read below and make sure to check your checking account frequently.

NECN Ask Jennifer: Money tips for those who own their own business

Understanding Home Loans

How to Save on Organic Groceries: Our Guide to Farm Co-Ops

Make the Right Home Improvements

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ONEin3’s FIRST Podcast with Morgan First from Second Glass!!

As my  my fellow intern Nitjyot would attest, I don’t give out many compliments.  However, it is hard to meet Morgan First of Second Glass and not be utterly impressed.   After graduating from Emerson College a semester early, my fellow redhead,took Boston by storm, founding not one but two successful businesses before the age of 26.

She is pretty amazing and has experience and advice that not only is useful to entrepreneurs everywhere but anyone wanting to establish themselves in the business world.  After listening to Morgan tell ONEin3 of her journey, not only will you be convinced there is nothing she can’t do…but pretty certain you can do whatever you set your mind to as well.  ENJOY!!!!

PS.  Don’t miss Tyler Balliet’s special guest appearance at the end and the tips about Boston he bestows on all our ONEin3 community!!!

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MBAs Read Here: Boston World Partnership event just for you!

Wed, Oct 28
Hotel Commonwealth, 500 CommAve

INFORM and CONNECT. That is the Boston World Partnerships mantra. On October 28th, we will be hosting a select group of MBA candidates from 10 of Boston’s leading business schools. The evening’s program offers insights from battle-tested business leaders, as well as valuable networking time with peers and with our Connectors, a hand-picked group
of passionate, proactive business people. This event is free and is by invitation only. You must be completing your MBA no later than the Spring of 2010.

To RSVP, please click here

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