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How Environmentally Friendly is Boston?

So last week’s Tell Me Tuesday response was a little sad.  I don’t want to point any fingers but we thought we’d hear great things from a certain neighborhood that we heard a lot from a few weeks back.  I understand, though, we are busy, and perhaps we’re too busy enjoying our neighborhoods to write about it?  Also, to be fair, it did take both Devin and me until Thursday to write about why we love our neighborhoods.

Enough with the excuses, though. We all need to be better in our commenting because, let’s face it’s way more fun hearing what other ONEin3 have to say than reading blog after blog by Devin and me all week.

So, this week we are going to get all excited for Earth Day coming up in April by asking: How environmentally friendly do you think Boston is?  What are some things you would like to see change?

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ONEin3 Friday Reflections

Adding on to “Fun Fact Fridays” Devin and I are going to dig deep and give our wonderful ONEin3ers some reflections we might have had this week.  I started my intense soul searching after we posted our “Tell Me Tuesday” post.

As you know from my tell me Tuesday post that many people ask me why I moved to Boston from California.  I know why people ask me…California sunshine versus evil Boston winter…I must be an idiot right?

However, there are many reasons why I love living in Boston more than my childhood stomping grounds.  I grew up in Oakland, California.  For those unfamiliar with Oakland, you can become educated with this city by listening to any popular Tupac single.  Here are other reasons why I love Boston: Continue reading

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“Tell Me Tuesday”…win a $25 gift certificate!

Hello my fabulous ONEin3ers!!  This week for “Tell Me Tuesdays” we are being more Boston focused…because it’s hard not to talk about the amazingness that is Boston.

Our question for you, classy ONEin3ers, “Why did you move to Boston?”  For people in our ONEin3 family that, like Mr. Devin Cole, grew up in Boston, let us know why you stayed.

My answer is a little long but here we go…. Continue reading


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