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Tell Me Tuesday…Seashore Style

So this Tuesday has been extremely busy for this little red head.  First off I am putting the final touches on ONEin3’s second podcast featuring the lovely Emily Knight who is running the Boston marathon.  I am also busy actively slipping in sly comments to local celebrity Devin Cole to make him freak out about not finishing the marathon.

Currently, I am at a fabulous MITX/Greenhorn Connect Career Combine.  It is pretty sweet with lectures, resume advice, and most of all fabulous networking.  Personally, I am getting my network-on trying to find a summer internship so I can escape the terrible wrath of Devin.  Again, anyone interested in spending the summer with the spunkiest ginger you ever will meet and giving her valuable real life experience, please let me know.

Okay…I know what you are all thinking…”Kendall, please tell us the Tell Me Tuesday so I can start typing my amazing comment.”  The suspense has been killing me too.  So this week’s Tell Me Tuesday comes straight from one of ONEin3’s faithful readers who wants to know what are some good restaurants along the waterfront?  Also, feel free to also mention activities, parks, etc.  that are good along Boston’s wonderful sea/harbor/river shore.

Let us know….and get excited for Humpday Jobday and another fabulous podcast on fun Thursdays!!!

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HumpDay JobDay: Lauren’s Debut

This is the first in a series of blogs that I will be writing for ONEin3Boston to share insights on career paths, internships, full time jobs, and trends relevant to these areas. In short, I’ll be one of your guides to Humpday Jobday!

All of us ONEin3ers are fortunate to be living in Boston because there is so much entrepreneurial activity in a variety of sectors including technology, life sciences and clean tech.  We’re really in a hotbed of innovation and startups. Right now, we have countless opportunities to meet new people and to learn about the emerging companies that form every day.

For startups and established companies in technology, life sciences and clean tech, many different skill sets are needed all the way from pure technical skills to sales and marketing, finance and administration, graphic design and web design – and this is just a sampling. These companies place a premium on hiring young people who can solve problems, are eager to learn and multi-task, and who can work in a dynamic team environment.

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