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Fun Fact Friday with Insulation Man

Want to hear something awesome???  IT’S FUN FACT FRIDAY!!!!

First fun fact is for all ONEin3ers that subscribe to our awesome blog via feed burner….we do realize that you get our amazing posts of the day a day late.  We sincerely apologize for any confusion, but the good news is it is FRIDAY and not Thursday!  The “Brain Trust” (aka me and Devin) have fixed this issue and it should not be a problem in the future.  Thanks for everyone that brought this issue to our attention.

PLEASE feel free to send us any more suggestions.  Our awesome blog is a work in progress and I know it has not completely reached its awesomeness potential, but we can only attain those heights with our ONEin3ers’ help.  You say jump….we say how high.

So, enough about us, let’s talk more about the spectacular city we live in.  Our local expert, Insulation Man, has tons of fun facts to share with our readers after the jump…

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Citizens Connect – Boston’s New iPhone App!

Seen any potholes/graffiti/street lights out? Well, now you can report it directly to the City using your iPhone!

That’s right, the City of Boston has built Citizens Connect, a free iPhone app that’s all about giving you active citizens an easier way to help us do our jobs.

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The Quest for Innovation

Join the Quest for Innovation! A high-tech, interactive mobile game throughout Boston.
Friday, October 9th at 1:00pm – 4:30pm (and later).
Kicking off right in front of City Hall with an after party for all participants to follow THE QUEST.

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