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Tell Me Tuesday: Hate your past or present boss…tell us about it!!!

So anyone that knows me well knows that there is a very dark period of my life called The Commercial Real Estate Years.  Actually, the proper name of the period is the actual company’s name, but as much as I would love to give them some bad publicity, I think it would be in bad form.

Right after graduation I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I had obtained an English degree from a top liberal arts school but in the words of one of my favorite movies “Kicking and Screaming” (1995 version), I was “ready for anything prepared for nothing.”  So, I decided to “get business experience” and be a broker’s assistant for said commercial real estate company.

Unfortunately, I got more experience than I bargained for and had to deal with 8 brokers’ every need.  Some of the guys I worked for were pretty awesome and I am thankful for their kindness, which prevented me from having a complete meltdown.

Others, however, were bosses from hell.  I am not sure how grown people can act the way they did and get away with it.  I was raised with the “treat others the way you want to be treated” philosophy, but with these people, I would settle for being treated the way they would treat their sports car, summer home, cufflinks or other inanimate object they flaunt around to make it clear they were decendents of the passengers of the Mayflower.

So with this said we get to our Tell Me Tuesday….what is your worst job experience?  Tell us of evil coworkers, bosses, etc, but please don’t tell us names. We want them to read about themselves and think, “man, I hate that guy” rather than “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME????”

Let us know…we love to hear what our ONEin3ers have to say!


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