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ONEin3’s FIRST Podcast with Morgan First from Second Glass!!

As my  my fellow intern Nitjyot would attest, I don’t give out many compliments.  However, it is hard to meet Morgan First of Second Glass and not be utterly impressed.   After graduating from Emerson College a semester early, my fellow redhead,took Boston by storm, founding not one but two successful businesses before the age of 26.

She is pretty amazing and has experience and advice that not only is useful to entrepreneurs everywhere but anyone wanting to establish themselves in the business world.  After listening to Morgan tell ONEin3 of her journey, not only will you be convinced there is nothing she can’t do…but pretty certain you can do whatever you set your mind to as well.  ENJOY!!!!

PS.  Don’t miss Tyler Balliet’s special guest appearance at the end and the tips about Boston he bestows on all our ONEin3 community!!!

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