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Mo’ Money MONDAY!!! ipad, cookies, and listen to ONEin3 on the radio!!

Oh it is Monday and Napoleonic Devin made me come into the office.  It’s okay though, after a cup of coffee and harassing him for an hour or so he greatly regretted his decision, things started looking up.

I had a great weekend, thanks for asking.  I nannied, and despite feeling at times like a 15 year high school student, I actually made money instead of spending it.  If that isn’t a Mo’ Money Monday piece of wonderful, I don’t know what is.

So two things my wonderful ONEin3ers we need to ask of you.  Please please please fill out your census and mail it back.  We have fabulous census gear in the office, such as TWO different types of hats.  If you give us a good/or medium census story in the comment section we will give you one.  Trust me, it’s soooo worth it.

Second thing.  If you have received an e-mail from our fabulous e-mail subscriber Aweber confirming you want the latest fun from ONEin3 please click the confirm button on the bottom of the page.  I know it’s a pain, but again sooooooo worth it.  If you haven’t received an e-mail…don’t fret…you will get one shortly if you got newsletters in the past.  If you did not get newsletters in the past and want to in the future go here!

Okay enough with ONEin3 many demands…here is your weekly Mo’ Money Monday Money Roll!!!

ONEin3 Money Hits the Airwaves! Today at 2 – Jenn Lane will be on!!  SO EXCITING!!!

Dining on a Dime: Free Cookies, Lattes and Other Deals

Guest Blog: Fiscal Fermentation

Price Anchoring, Or Why a $499 iPad Seems Inexpensive

That is all my lovely ONEin3ers…get your fingers ready for some Tell Me Tuesday amazingness tomorrow!!!

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