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iphones, taxes, and prenups get the 411 from ONEin3 Money

Oh, why hello my ONEin3ers. Devin and I have been slacking lately. We know. I have been doing super cool things, being in Northern California, while Devin has been watching the NCAA Basketball on the floor of his apartment in a blue Snuggie.  We were going to live blog about the Tournament but the games were too good.

Enough with the excuses though…we are back in action with a fabulous Mo’ Money Monday.

About two years ago I graduated from Colby and my dad directed me towards the “I will teach you to be rich” website, written by genius Ramit Sethi. One of his articles explained the percentage of your paycheck that would go towards buying an iphone (he went into the increase phone bill, ect). After reading this article I thought to myself that I would never buy an iphone even though I was making a decent salary. However, when my loving mother gave me one for my birthday last year I was thrilled to escape the $300 price tag.

On my ski trip this past week, after about an hour of snowboarding, I realized that my iphone was no longer in its designated pocket. After becoming best friends with the lost and found women on the base and top of the mountain sadly we had found zero iphones by the end of the day. I then returned to the cabin and went on facebook to find that the thief had gone into my facebook application and written obscene things on my wall. To make a long story short, a new iphone needed to be purchased  with a portion of my $0 a year graduate student salary. My financial woes continue.

Anyhooo….thanks for listening to my misfortunes….here is your money roll for Mo’ Money Mondays:

2010 Tax Planning Guide

What the Credit CARD Act Means for You

NECN: Financial planning for students, seniors, and tax time

NECN Ask Jennifer: paying for an attorney, college loans and Roth Contributions

NECN Ask Jennifer: Filing for foreclosure, prenuptial agreements

That’s it for now my fabulous money conscious ONEin3ers.  Check in tomorrow for a fabulous Tell Me Tuesday…there will a guest writer, top ten list, and a chance to represent your respective neighborhood…SO GET EXCITED!!!!

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Citizens Connect – Boston’s New iPhone App!

Seen any potholes/graffiti/street lights out? Well, now you can report it directly to the City using your iPhone!

That’s right, the City of Boston has built Citizens Connect, a free iPhone app that’s all about giving you active citizens an easier way to help us do our jobs.

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