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Hump Day Getting You Down? Get Inspired with Kelly from Boston Cares

It’s my personal belief that an inverse effect exists: when the level of gross weather goes up, motivation to get out and volunteer goes down. I wholeheartedly understand this phenomenon, as I walked around the City Thursday evening looking like I had braved a hurricane. But allow me to pass on a little inspiration to motivate you to put the sweatpants away, leave the hot chocolate for another day, and continue your efforts toward building a better community.

On Wednesday I conducted mock interviews as part of Charlestown High School’s Professional Career Day. When I asked one student about a project he’d completed independently, he told me about helping to create a community basketball league in his Dorchester neighborhood, as a sign of peace after two shootings had occurred. He worked with neighbors to fundraise, took the lead on communication and outreach, and participated in events promoting peace and civic involvement. I was blown away. So despite the rain and the temptation to curl up on the couch under a blanket, keep volunteering since it’s worth it to see the impact you can make.

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