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“Tell Me Tuesdays” WINNER!!!!!

Hello my lovely ONEin3ers, as expected, we got many fabulous responses last “Tell Me Tuesday.”  It turns out there are lots of fun things that our ONEin3 community will not give up…from playing Xbox to learning Lady Gaga dance moves.  At long last, after a week of debate and a small fight-club type battle, we have a winner.

Drum roll…. Continue reading

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Tell Me Tuesdays: What is your non-resolution?

So it’s Tuesday.  Tuesday I would say is the most boring day of the week.  If you are like me, you consistently feel like Tuesday is a different day of the week, like Wednesday, or even worse Thursday.  However, ONEin3 Boston is looking to change the dreariness and confusion that comes with this overlooked day.

We are starting “Tell Me Tuesdays,” which will get your brains going and fingers typing.  This week’s topic: What is your non-resolution? Unlike the typical question asked during this time of the year, we are looking for you to be a little naughty and consider what are you absolutely not willing to give up this year. Continue reading


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