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Mo Money Monday – Local Celebrities (Tuesday) Edition!

With Kendall gone, Mo Money Monday just ain’t the same. We’ll give it out best shot here:

Local Celebrity Matt Brownell is back with a bang: Queer Eye for the Broke Guy

Get Rich…with Good Financial Habits, aka Get Rich the Boring Yet More Effective Way

Don’t Let Minimum Payments Make You Broke

Perk Street Financial Debuts on the Blog: Founder and CEO Dan O’Malley Drops Some Knowledge

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Favorite Movie That Takes Place in Boston?? Ooooo it’s Tell Me Tuesday!!

Oh my fabulous ONEin3ers…it is Tuesday and you are right, we missed Mo’ Money Monday yesterday.  As much as I am sure you feel deprived by not hearing a little story about how incompetent I am with money, you can always head over to ONEin3money.org and check out what is new.

But alas, it is Tuesday and like every Tuesday we give you a question for you to answer and share your fabulous ONEin3 insight.  Currently, I am in California watching a Tom Selleck movie with my parents.  This is amazing to me, because I was like 90% sure Tom Selleck was no longer alive.  The movie takes place in Worchester and moves to Boston (according to my dad, we have just watched the beginning and I am still confused why Tom Selleck is in a current movie, even if it is made for TV).

Okay, again with the ginger rambling…why am I telling you this?  Well it got me thinking, there are a ton of great movies about Boston, why not ask our fabulous ONEin3ers, “what is your favorite movie that takes place in our fabulous city.”

I guess mine is pretty unoriginal, but I absolutely love Matt Damon and I have to say my favorite movie is “Good Will Hunting.”

Okay lovelies I must go and watch this movie…I highly doubt it, but maybe my answer will change by the end of it!

Oh, and as always, check in tomorrow for yet another wonderful Volunteer Vendesday!!!


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Like spending money on bottled water?  Sick of Mint.com yelling at you for spending money on something that is offered to you free? Fed up with environmentalists telling you that you might as well be clubbing baby seals due to all the plastic bottles you throw away?

If this is you, you probably just had the best weekend ever. In case my lovely ONEin3 reader has been under a rock, what twitter users are referring to as “aquacalypse” (“aquapocalypse”?) is now upon the greater Boston area, and all tap water needs to be boiled due to contamination.

I personally, believe it or not, love my tap water.  I put it through my Brita Water Filter and into my Camelbak water bottle and take off without a dead seal’s body on my conscience.  So this “aquapocalypse” is very disturbing for me.  My boyfriend, on the other hand, is very excited and is enjoying boiling all our tap water as if he was a part of the simpler times, such as the 1920’s.

Whether you are a metaphorical baby seal clubber, a Brita enthusiast, or a simpleton such as my loving boyfriend, read on to address all your Mo’ Money Monday needs and by all means DON’T DRINK THE TAP WATER!!!

NECN Ask Jennifer: Financial planning help

Beth Kobliner’s 7-Step Plan for Financial Expertise

The Quest for Credit: Part 1

Help! Too Much Debt!

May 12- ONEin3Money and AmeriCorps Alums: We Want You! to get Financially Healthy

Last but not least,

Give me that fish by the amazing Matt Brownell


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iphones, taxes, and prenups get the 411 from ONEin3 Money

Oh, why hello my ONEin3ers. Devin and I have been slacking lately. We know. I have been doing super cool things, being in Northern California, while Devin has been watching the NCAA Basketball on the floor of his apartment in a blue Snuggie.  We were going to live blog about the Tournament but the games were too good.

Enough with the excuses though…we are back in action with a fabulous Mo’ Money Monday.

About two years ago I graduated from Colby and my dad directed me towards the “I will teach you to be rich” website, written by genius Ramit Sethi. One of his articles explained the percentage of your paycheck that would go towards buying an iphone (he went into the increase phone bill, ect). After reading this article I thought to myself that I would never buy an iphone even though I was making a decent salary. However, when my loving mother gave me one for my birthday last year I was thrilled to escape the $300 price tag.

On my ski trip this past week, after about an hour of snowboarding, I realized that my iphone was no longer in its designated pocket. After becoming best friends with the lost and found women on the base and top of the mountain sadly we had found zero iphones by the end of the day. I then returned to the cabin and went on facebook to find that the thief had gone into my facebook application and written obscene things on my wall. To make a long story short, a new iphone needed to be purchased  with a portion of my $0 a year graduate student salary. My financial woes continue.

Anyhooo….thanks for listening to my misfortunes….here is your money roll for Mo’ Money Mondays:

2010 Tax Planning Guide

What the Credit CARD Act Means for You

NECN: Financial planning for students, seniors, and tax time

NECN Ask Jennifer: paying for an attorney, college loans and Roth Contributions

NECN Ask Jennifer: Filing for foreclosure, prenuptial agreements

That’s it for now my fabulous money conscious ONEin3ers.  Check in tomorrow for a fabulous Tell Me Tuesday…there will a guest writer, top ten list, and a chance to represent your respective neighborhood…SO GET EXCITED!!!!

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It’s Warm!! Celebrate with Mo’ Money Mondays!

It is Mo’ Money Monday yet again….I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful weather Boston has been having.  In the spirit of full disclosure I am away from ONEin3 headquarters at home in California.  However, I could not abandon my amazing ONEin3ers and their money related needs so here I am, giving you our Mo’ Money Monday Money Roll.  So enjoy and stay posted for a wonderful Tell Me Tuesday that I am  convinced everyone will have their two-cents to give on.

WIN A FREE IPAD….I know the name is a little questionable, but who wouldn’t want a free ipad???

Financial Advice for Couples…I have so much to say about this but after the last Mo’ Money Monday post I am not allowed to talk about my boyfriend on the ONEin3 blog…oh well.

How to Make Credit Card Changes Work for You…probably good to know…so check it out!

That is it my lovely ONEin3ers!  Have a fabulous Monday!!!!

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