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Apply to the ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Advisory Council – Deadline EXTENDED to July 15th!

ONEin3ers, the deadline approaches, so get your application in asap!

The Mayor’s Advisory Council was created to find out about, research and recommend solutions to the problems facing Boston’s ONEin3 population. Through the Advisory Council, ONEin3 and Mayor Menino work to improve quality-of-life for 20-34 year olds living in the City of Boston. 

In addition to working with senior members of Mayor Menino’s administration, you get the chance to meet and work with the best group of young people in the entire city in your fellow Council members.

So, if you’d like to improve Jobs and Careers, Civic Engagement, Social and Cultural Life, Housing, and Young Families (and anything else you can think of) for your fellow young people, APPLY HERE.

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Amy Deveau, ONEin3er, Doing 101 Things in 1001 Days

ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Advisory Council member, Southie resident, enthusiast, partier, Irishwoman, sister of police, explorer, champion, lover of life and now…BLOGGER!

That’s right, Amy Deveau has reached the pinnacle. She is now putting her thoughts, hopes, dreams, goals and accomplishments on the interwebs. Of course, we like to support ONEin3ers in all their endeavors, so we give you Amy’s first ever post and encourage you to read her every day at her website.

Read to the end for links to some cool stuff Amy’s already done!

The Challenge and Why I’m Doing It

The challenge is to make a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days.  It is similar to a New  Year’s resolution or a Bucket List but it allows you to create specific goals that can be obtained in a more reasonable timeline.  Read more about the challenge here.

So, for the past few years I’ve made a New Years resolution list.  While I try to follow it and accomplish the things I’ve listed, it hasn’t quite worked as well as one would hope.  I really liked the idea of this challenge and blogging about it because now I am held accountable for completing these goals.  When I typically write up my little resolutions list, I don’t share it with anyone, which means I am probably less likely to get anything done.

This list was REALLY hard to come up with.  Thinking of 101 things that you’d like to do is a lot tougher than I thought.  Thankfully, my friend Erin and I started this project together, so I was able to steal a few things from her list and vice versa.  (If you want to follow her journey as well, here’s the link).  I will admit that I also Googled a lot of other lists to get some creative ideas, there are lots out there.  Some people in the world are just straight up weird, so I did not take ideas from those lists.

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A Spring Friday and a Boston Housing Survey…can it get better than this?

Hello ONEin3 community.  Today is Friday and what is more fun on a Friday than surveys?

I know what you are thinking, “Kendall the intern, you are crazy because surveys aren’t even a little bit fun.” But you are WRONG my fabulous ONEin3ers…surveys are fun when they involve housing.

For example:

Are You…

Frustrated with your housing situation, living in your neighborhood, or your town/city

Loving your housing situation, neighborhood, and/or your town/city?

Looking to play an important role in shaping Boston’s future? (let’s be honest, who isn’t?)

If you answered “hell yes” or just a simple “yup” to any of these questions, we would love your input.

With your help, ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory council will be able to communicate your needs, wants, and frustrations to the business, community, and political leaders that will be the ones shaping policy and developing real estate.

Pretty sweet…right?

So fabulous ONEin3ers…please take a moment to complete our survey:


Think this is totally awesome but don’t live in Boston? IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!  Take it anyway…we’d love your input just as much as Boston residents.

Okay that is it ONEin3ers but before you go please pass this along to anyone and everyone so they can take this amazing survey.

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Help Make Housing Cheaper/Better for Young People!

EDITOR’s NOTE: We got great response to this post from all of you in the ONEin3 community. So great, in fact, that our two focus groups filled up in under an hour. We are working to get more voices heard through these efforts and we’ll let you know as soon as we have something to announce. In the meantime, please please leave any ideas or suggestions that you have about housing in Boston in the comments section. THANKS!

Do you LOVE Boston, but worry about living here permanently because of the cost?

Are you desperate for somewhere to grill in the summertime?

Do you wish you could live closer to work and shorten your commute?

If you could imagine your ideal house or apartment in Boston, what would it look like?

NOW is your chance to make your voice heard and influence new housing development in the City.

The Housing Committee of the ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Advisory Council is conducting two focus groups that will influence the City’s plans for future housing development. Even though one third of Boston’s population is between the ages of 20 and 34, there is very little housing developed with young people specifially in mind.

Please sign up for a short focus group on the following dates and help the City of Boston help you!  The focus group will last approximately an hour and a half and will take place at Boston City Hall on Monday, March 15th or Tuesday March 23rd

 March 15th: http://onein3housing1.eventbrite.com
March 23rd: http://onein3housing2.eventbrite.com

Who we are:

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Volunteers Needed: Tell the Kids Why You Love Reading

Last week, I wrote a post about how there are opportunities to get involved with the community all around us. It must have been pretty boring because only 29 of you read it, which is why I should leave the writing duties to Kendall!

Anyway, the fact is I was right and here’s another opportunity to pitch in to support literacy. From ReadBoston:

Share the Joy of Reading!  Join fellow ONEin3 Mayor’s Advisory Council members at a special ReadBoston reading event on February 24 from 9:15 am– 10:30 am at the Hennigan Elementary School, 200 Heath Street, Jamaica Plain.  Council members will join school leadership for  a brief reception and then be escorted to classrooms to read two books and share thoughts about the importance of literacy in their own lives.  Books will be provided.  Please rsvp to Theresa.Lynn.JCS@cityofboston.gov by February 19.

So, to recap, help out a great organization, get connected with your community and pass along your love of reading.

Sounds good to me!

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