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Join ONEin3 at Community Dialogues – Let’s Talk about Race Finally

A few weeks ago we risked the third rail and asked the questionHow can we, as a new generation of young Bostonians, make Boston a more inclusive place that people of color from all over the world want to call home?”

The ONEin3 community wrote in with thought and consideration. Thank you to everyone who commented.

We were so impressed with how people engaged with this topic, one that Bostonians have had trouble addressing for a long time, that we decided we NEEDED a follow up plan.

So we were overjoyed when we noticed in the comments that the YWCA hosts a series called Community Dialogues which “brings people from all walks of life together to create stronger, safer and more unified neighborhoods.” The Dialogues are facilitated conversations on race and diversity designed to give people and organizations the framework that they need to discuss difficult issues.

So, we’re happy to announce that ONEin3 will be hosting a Community Dialogue series. The series will be 5 consecutive Tuesday evenings starting June 22nd at the YWCA Boston offices on Clarendon Street in Back Bay.

We have 15 spots open for ONEin3ers and we hope that you will sign up fast since the first session is coming up quickly.

Register here and make sure to tell them you heard about it through ONEin3 so that you’ll be placed in our session. **Please note that the registration does not allow you to indicate specifically what day/time you want to attend**

Out of these dialogues, ONEin3 has an opportunity to set an agenda for young Bostonians on the issue of race. Let’s take full advantage.

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Tell Me Tuesday, Third Rail Edition – What To Do About Boston and Race?

Boston has a long-standing bad reputation for racism and segregation. So bad that the city struggles to keep young professionals of color, despite the fact that there are jobs and amazing institutions of higher education here.

Ask any non-white person from Atlanta, New York or Chicago what they think of Boston and they’ll cite racism and a lack of opportunity for people of color as a primary characteristic. It remains open to debate whether those perceptions reflect some truth, the whole truth or no truth, but perception is reality.

In the recent past, many organizations have sprung up to support young people of color in their personal and professional lives, including The PartnershipCommonwealth Compact, Friendly Takeover, Emerge MA and many others (if you know of other organizations, please post them in the comments!).

Here at ONEin3 HQ and City Hall, we believe that Boston’s future success rests on ensuring that there are professional, cultural and social opportunities for all.

We believe that that effort begins with an honest conversation, like the great one we began at DotRox Neighborhood Night last week.

So, in honor of Tell Me Tuesday, we ask you:

How can we, as a new generation of young Bostonians, make Boston a more inclusive place that people of color from all over the world want to call home?

We probably don’t need to say this, but to our wonderful ONEin3ers, please be thoughtful in your comments. Let’s make this a constructive conversation!


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