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Fun Fact Friday… Fenway Style

Happy Friday my glorious ONEin3ers, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.  This week on “Fun Fact Friday” we are going with a wishful thinking route.

I am convinced January is the worst month of the year in Boston so I think we can’t help but look forward to spring.  Like many Bostonians, I am a Red Sox fan. So like most, I think one of the best things about spring is opening day at Fenway.

This year the Red Sox take the field on April 4th, which is far from meaning that warmth as graced the city with its presence, but yet, still a sign of good things to come.  So in celebration of wishful forward thinking we are giving you wonderful facts about the Red Sox and Fenway Park:

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ONEin3 Friday Reflections

Adding on to “Fun Fact Fridays” Devin and I are going to dig deep and give our wonderful ONEin3ers some reflections we might have had this week.  I started my intense soul searching after we posted our “Tell Me Tuesday” post.

As you know from my tell me Tuesday post that many people ask me why I moved to Boston from California.  I know why people ask me…California sunshine versus evil Boston winter…I must be an idiot right?

However, there are many reasons why I love living in Boston more than my childhood stomping grounds.  I grew up in Oakland, California.  For those unfamiliar with Oakland, you can become educated with this city by listening to any popular Tupac single.  Here are other reasons why I love Boston: Continue reading

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