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Tell Me Tuesday…What is your favorite restaurant?

My mom lived in Boston in the early 1980’s and claims that Boston lacked good restaurants at the time.  I know she agrees with me when I say that that is no longer the case and no matter what neighborhood you visit you can find a hidden gem that only locals know about.

So this week we are asking…what is you favorite Boston restaurant?

As most of my faithful ONEin3 readers know, I live in the North End and there is no shortage of restaurants in my neighborhood.  However, among by pick of an array of Italian restaurants I’d have to say my favorite place would have to be a seafood restaurant on Salem Street called Neptune Oyster.  The lobster rolls with butter are to die for and their fried clams are considered some of the best in Boston.  In addition, the restaurant was used to shoot a scene in the new Ben Affleck movie “The Town” …so I would check it out before it stops being remotely hidden.  So there you go my ONEin3ers, that is my favorite.

Give the comment section some love and stay tuned for Hump Day Job Day…as a little teaser…there will be an internship opportunity posted that involves spending a lot of time with Local Celebrity Devin Cole.


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South End’s Neck Ties 2009 Event, Nov 4

Experience the South End’s deep cultural and culinary ties at Washington Gateway’s fourth annual dining event.

Nov 4th
Starts at 6pm at the Franklin Square House, 11 East Newton Street and includes silent and live auctions, entertainment etc. Transportation will be provided at 8pm to a surprise restaurant!

Reserve a table for dinner and reception, or just the reception!

Find more information here.

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