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Starting March of Right with Mo’ Money Monday!

Usually, like most people, Mondays are pretty yucky for me.  Although, I am in graduate school, I am still running from coaching volleyball practice, to my fabulous ONEin3 internship to meeting with a group for a presentation for my class coming up.

Basically I work from around from 9-7:30, and unlike when I had my painful job for a year after undergrad, I don’t have my weekends to relax.  I am usually found coaching or doing homework on my Saturdays and Sundays.

So this is about the time you go for the back-button to get away from my pitiful whining, but please don’t, because I swear there is a point to my complaining.

This Monday I went to write my Mo’ Money Monday post, which is another downfall to my beginning of the week because I hate thinking about finances, unless they are somehow geared towards filling my closet with lots of clothes.

This week is different though, because although ONEin3 Money did not mention going on random shopping sprees, they did give me some fun information about my busy and chaotic life.

For example:

Laura Sullivan tackles the question of whether or not graduate school is worth it.  I am well into my second year trying to obtain a marketing degree, so I would it is too late for me to question my decision, but very interesting non-the-less.  So if you are sick of your job, without a job, or miss learning, check this article out!

For all my younger ONEin3ers who are still in school Harry Marks gives us a great article on 25 Ways to Save Money While Traveling, that can definitely help you out on your upcoming spring break adventure.   For all of you who aren’t in school anymore, why shouldn’t you get a Spring Break too?  Check out this article and maybe the money you save will justify slipping away from work for a few days…who knows?

Last but not least, ONEin3 Money gives us a great article on 5 Things You Should Buy at Walmart.  It involves buying stuff so I’m obviously a fan, even though I haven’t been to Walmart since my fabulous undergrad years in Waterville, Maine.

Okay…that is all for this fabulous Monday.  Have a great day and be happy….it’s March!!!

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