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ONEin3’s “Mo’ Money Mondays”…Fabulous Resolutions

Yes it is Monday and yes Mondays generally are pretty yucky.  However, you can turn that frown upside down because it’s ONEin3’s second edition of “Mo Money Mondays.”  Just think of it this way; the more money you save the earlier you can retire and Mondays become less yucky and …pretty sweet right?

Last week we asked you what your non-resolution was for “Tell Me Tuesday.”  Luckily no one said they wouldn’t give up being really irresponsible with money, so this week you will learn on ONEin3 Money’s blog about setting great resolutions concerning your money, as well as an analysis of social lending.

NECN In Focus: Keeping your New Years Resolutions

Financial New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

The Pros and Cons of Social Lending

I hope you enjoy all this fabulous information and everyone had an amazing weekend.  We will see you tomorrow for “Tell Me Tuesdays” and we will reveal who last week’s winner is and ask you another mind-blowing question!

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