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What’s up You Ask? The Weekend Plan, with Yelp’s Leighann Farrelly

What up, ONEin3ers! Welcome to Fun Thursday’s Weekend Plan. I know you work hard, all week long, clocking those hours, counting ’em down until those last few minutes become freedom on Friday. But what to do and where to go when those happy hours finally arrive? I’ve got you covered.

With humpday happily behind us, the only obstacle to a work-free weekend is the first half of Friday! And that brings up an important lesson in math: proportion! By now, it’s painfully obvious that the ratio of workdays to fun days (5:2) is clearly not in our favor.  So, instead of sitting around on our bums and wasting those precious hours catching up on the latest Kardashian crisis, peep our picks for prime weekend planning; from art to music to new restaurants, your DVD collection will be dust covered in no time.

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Fun Fact Friday with Insulation Man

Want to hear something awesome???  IT’S FUN FACT FRIDAY!!!!

First fun fact is for all ONEin3ers that subscribe to our awesome blog via feed burner….we do realize that you get our amazing posts of the day a day late.  We sincerely apologize for any confusion, but the good news is it is FRIDAY and not Thursday!  The “Brain Trust” (aka me and Devin) have fixed this issue and it should not be a problem in the future.  Thanks for everyone that brought this issue to our attention.

PLEASE feel free to send us any more suggestions.  Our awesome blog is a work in progress and I know it has not completely reached its awesomeness potential, but we can only attain those heights with our ONEin3ers’ help.  You say jump….we say how high.

So, enough about us, let’s talk more about the spectacular city we live in.  Our local expert, Insulation Man, has tons of fun facts to share with our readers after the jump…

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