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Like spending money on bottled water?  Sick of Mint.com yelling at you for spending money on something that is offered to you free? Fed up with environmentalists telling you that you might as well be clubbing baby seals due to all the plastic bottles you throw away?

If this is you, you probably just had the best weekend ever. In case my lovely ONEin3 reader has been under a rock, what twitter users are referring to as “aquacalypse” (“aquapocalypse”?) is now upon the greater Boston area, and all tap water needs to be boiled due to contamination.

I personally, believe it or not, love my tap water.  I put it through my Brita Water Filter and into my Camelbak water bottle and take off without a dead seal’s body on my conscience.  So this “aquapocalypse” is very disturbing for me.  My boyfriend, on the other hand, is very excited and is enjoying boiling all our tap water as if he was a part of the simpler times, such as the 1920’s.

Whether you are a metaphorical baby seal clubber, a Brita enthusiast, or a simpleton such as my loving boyfriend, read on to address all your Mo’ Money Monday needs and by all means DON’T DRINK THE TAP WATER!!!

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Last but not least,

Give me that fish by the amazing Matt Brownell


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Tweet Tweet says the City of Boston

We’ve told you all about Citizens Connect, the City of Boston’s iPhone app where you can log graffiti, potholes, broken street lights and any other issues you’re having out there. If you don’t have it yet, get it, and if you don’t have an iPhone, we’ll be up on Android and other platforms very soon.

Well, the City has expanded its media reach with their brand new Twitter account: @NotifyBoston.

Get on Twitter and follow @NotifyBoston to get updates on road closures, emergencies, City services and lots more. Also, make sure to tweet to them about any issues you see. We promise you’ll get a quick response and prompt, quality service.

And for those of you still using a phone and only a phone, give 617-635-4500 a call to let the us know about any problems you’re having out there in the neighborhoods.


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