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Week 2 – The French Revolution, Bromance – It’s the World Cup!

1. The French Started a revolution

It started with a handball which crashed Ireland’s world cup dreams. This handball became the second most famous handball after HAND OF GOD (please see Kanye’s confirmation below) . It was so popular that the man responsible (THIERY HENRY– former legend)  beat NEW MOON ( YES  TWILIGHT) on Twitter.

They have a coach the whole nation hates.. some of them hate each other .. or are jealous of each other. The following list of events have imploded the situation. The players are refusing to train.. the captain thinks there is a traitor amongst them.. he went on a hunt to find this traitor and came to the conclusion – it is the fitness coach ( their fight is on Youtube). The team decided not to train and locked their coach out of the team bus. The President was asked to intervene. This is comical, sad and a result of watching the popular movie MEAN GIRLS too many times.

2. The USA team is so popular now that even their body parts have twitter accounts.Last we heard  @StuHoldensHair was fighting with @Goochs_beard

3. The reason for Spain’s shocking loss is speculated to be the goalkeepers Girlfriend (is a reporter was standing behind the goalpost).. apparently is hotter than a woman called Erin Andrews.

4. A man walked into the English locker room looking for the restroom. Happens everyday right??

5. Also, Wayne Ronney wants you to know- YOU CANNOT BOO HIM , just because he cannot ROO the ball does not mean he won’t ROO you.

6. Landon Donovan is working on his book- WORLD CUP ADVENTURES OF EPIC BROPOTIONS. Read some of the preliminary notes. Elsewhere Tim Howard is mad .. he is really mad

7. Italians have decided to limit their talents to looking good this year.

8. The fellowship of the Vuvuzela! Middle Earth is preparing for the World Cup.

9. Paraguay has the most awesome team hurdle  

10. Can we all please support NEW ZEALAND

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