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ONEin3’s Got a Brand New Blog!

This one has posted its last post.

To see what all the fuss is about, take a look over at

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Some Networking Tips for Hump Day Job Day!

Hello my fabulous ONEin3ers.  Please enjoy this fabulous list of networking sent to us from Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.  Happy Hump Day Job Day!!!!!

Networking Tips and Best Practices from Experienced Networkers!

These tips and best practices are the combined wisdom of  staffers at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. On average, the Chamber staff attends 2-3 networking events per week where they are not only there as networkers, but also as facilitators helping Chamber members make valuable connections with one another.

Event Networking Tips:

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Hind-Sight is 20/20…what you wish you knew before taking your first job…

Hello my ONEin3ers.  Oh it is Tuesday and like most Tuesdays we will be asking you a question.  Unlike most Tuesdays however, Devin and I are not going to have our brainstorming sessions to come up with a fabulous question, but rather steal it.

My good friend Carlie, who reads the blog, despite living in Connecticut (gasp….I know, we try to not hold it against her) posted a fabulous question on her Facebook wall last week.  Carlie graduated from Colby College in 2009, and has recently started a job as, what I like to describe as, a drug dealer.  No, you would not find Carlie on a street corner, but rather, in doctors’ offices pitching prescription pharmaceuticals.

Why am I telling you this?  Well Carlie’s fabulous question was…

“what is one thing you wish you knew before you took your first job”

Carlie didn’t answer her own queston, but maybe she was thinking…she wish she knew how to sell drugs better?

As my faithful readers might know, my first job was in Commercial Real Estate.  I suppose what I would have liked to have known before I took the position, well I guess is, that I probably shouldn’t take the job because it would be completely miserable.

So let us know what you wish you knew ONEin3ers and hopefully your answer is better than mine!!

Also, check back in for tomorrows Hump Day Job Day/ Volunteer Vednesday!!!!


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Humpday Jobday career search resources

Hello Onein3ers .  Today is Humpday Jobday so we will be focusing on jobs and resources for how to land one

I took a look at today and there are many opportunities at companies here in Boston.  Organizations like Deloitte, Children’s Hospital, Boston University and Thompson Reuters are all hiring for a variety of roles and many were recently posted.  Perhaps this means that the job market is opening up… lets hope! .  Check out the link for more info these opportunities as well as other companies that are hiring:

A few other resources which could be helpful in your job search:

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Humpday Jobday a Day Late

We young people often downplay the significance of networking in finding a job. Well, downplay no more.

Take advantage of every networking resource available to you because you’ll need BOTH expertise and a strong network to get where you want to professionally. Even if you’re not looking for a job, networking is incredibly important and you should be as many places as you can be so you’ll have a head start when you start your search.

With that in mind, allow ONEin3 to recommend a good organization for you.

Networked Events hosts, well, networking events all over the Boston area. They are some of the best in the city and provide opportunities for job seekers and anyone looking to make connections across a variety of different industries.

Coming up next Wednesday, Networked Events has Boston – Business After Hours at the Liberty Hotel. Who knows, you may get lucky and win a new iPad at the door!

Also, keep an eye out for a ONEin3/Networked Events partnership in the next month or two!

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Humpday Jobday is back and designed to get YOU a cool startup job!

ONEin3 and Boston Young Entrepreneurs friends Jason Evanish from Greenhorn Connect and Kiki Mills from MITX have joined forces to build a great event on April 13th.

Tuesday, April 13th, is the Career Combine. It’s a Career Fair to connect recent grads and students graduating with full time opportunities at local innovative companies as well as some cool internships for those still in school.

Some key details:

More info about the event is available here and you can register as a job seeker here

Once you’ve registered, take a look at the schedule for the event and the list of exhibiting companies and open positions.

***Note: Keep checking back to the companies page as we’ve got a bunch of companies signing on this week

In addition to the opportunity to network with a ton of great, innovative companies, the event features a panel moderated byDartBoston‘s Cort Johnson.

The panel will cover building a career in entrepreneurship and includes Jeff Bussgang who founded uPromise and is now a VC at Flybridge as well as Adam Marchick of Bain Capital (who appeared on DartBoston’s Capitalize in January) and Marsh Sutherland, a dual recruiter and entrepreneur.

If you have any questions about the event, drop Jason an email at Jason [at] GreenhornConnect [dot] com and SPREAD THE WORD!

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ONEin3 Networking Night – The Numbers Don’t Lie

We here at ONEin3 HQ  know how important finding a job is to our ability to live here, so we’re all over it.

So, we hope that you’ll come out to the 2nd professional networking night put on by the Jobs and Careers group on the ONEin3 Boston Mayor’s Advisory Council.

This time around, we’re focusing the event around a theme of “The Numbers Don’t Lie: Companies Are Hiring, Find out Who.”

We have a great panel of experts, including Rachel Peterson, HR Consultation & Compensation Practice Leader from Insight Performance, who will discuss the data they have found in their recent survey of small to mid-size businesses and Kiki Mills, President of MITX who will discuss their findings from the Innovation and Technology Industry Survey.

If all goes well, you’ll know exactly who to talk to to get that perfect job!

Wednesday, April 7th

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Trident Booksellers and Café

338 Newbury Street

This is a free event.  Please RSVP HERE

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